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COD Warzone Project Aurora Revealed


It seems Activision wants to extend its footprints in the mobile arena as it’s once again working on introducing a new Call of Duty shooting game for mobile. The new mobile game will be based on COD Warzone, but no official title has yet been given. For now, the developers are calling it Project Aurora and the first gameplay test for the latest game has already begun.

So this means that the developers have already finished producing, at least the first part of the game, which is why testing has already begun. Let’s discuss in more detail what we know so far about COD Warzone Project Aurora in this game.

cod warzone project aurora


What is COD Warzone Codename Project Aurora?

Call of Duty Warzone codename Project Aurora was officially announced on the Call of Duty website last May. But before the official announcement, the company already hinted at a Call of Duty Warzone for mobile in its March blog post. In this announcement, the franchise didn’t mention any codename since it’s a call for developers to join the team. So they’re looking for someone skilled in all aspects of game development as they’re building a large-scale battle royale experience that’s native to mobile.

The recent blog post about Project Aurora didn’t reveal many details about the game. However, there have been some speculations already on Reddit regarding the features and gameplay that this latest COD game will offer to people. But the franchise’s official blog post didn’t confirm nor deny it. They did say they haven’t revealed anything yet, so everything on Reddit is just pure speculation. In addition, they also said the game is still in development and they were in the midst of the first gameplay test, Project Aurora Closed Alpha. Only a few participants were able to try out this latest mobile game.

One thing to expect about this game is that it’s likely going to be similar to COD Warzone. It’s no secret that the developers are using Warzone as the inspiration for this game, so it’s likely to have similar gameplay. There will probably be improvements on the mobile version, considering Warzone was released two years ago. Therefore, Project Aurora will likely contain fewer things that players didn’t like about the game.

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Leaked Details about COD Warzone Project Aurora

Though no official detail was provided on the Call of Duty website, there are leaked details about the game. One of the features of COD Warzone Mobile is that it will contain all the major playlist options, but it will be rotated in Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads. Another leaked feature of this latest COD mobile game will be the map that Project Aurora will use. There has been speculation before that the map will be an iteration of Verdansk.

Another leak from the Closed Alpha showed that the map does look like an iteration of Verdansk. Additionally, it showed that all original locations from the original map will be part of the mobile version. There’s also a leak when it comes to how much Loadout Drops, UAVs, and many more will cost. Though these things seemed to be part of the Closed Alpha, it’s worth noting that what appeared during the testing phase might not be part of the final product.

It’s possible that the developers are just testing things out and they can still choose to include it or completely change it once the actual COD Warzone game comes out. Furthermore, the blog mentioned that the developers are just trying out the large-scale gameplay of Warzone on mobile devices. So, it’s still possible that the game has different features compared to the leaked details from the Closed Alpha.

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Will There Be Crossplay?

It’s still too early to tell if Activision will introduce cross-play with their latest COD game. But it’s possible that they will add the crossplay feature. If the developers include the Warzone title as part of the new game’s main title, then it’s not far-fetched that they will introduce cross-play between mobile, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. But for now, it’s best not to expect it. So it’s better to just wait for the official announcement.

Will COD Warzone be Different From COD Mobile?

Call of Duty Warzone Project Aurora won’t be the first FPS game Call of Duty to be introduced on mobile since there’s already the Call of Duty Mobile game. Activision may introduce COD Warzone as a major update in COD Mobile, and be one of the latest game modes available. However, that’s unlikely since COD Mobile already has its own battle royale game mode and Warzone is just a larger-scale battle royale game.

So, it’s more likely that COD Warzone Project Aurora will be very different from COD Mobile. Either way, they will reveal these things once they release the official game. For now, they didn’t give a timetable on the game’s release date. But Activision is excited to release it as soon as possible. At the same time, they also want to make sure the game will live up to expectations. For sure, there will be more updates about this game in the near future. So make sure to stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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