The Best Way To Level Up Fast In Call of Duty Mobile


You might think that levelling up in Call of Duty Mobile might not be necessary, but there are benefits to that. First, you get to access more potent weapons as you increase your level in the game. Second, you also get to unlock other items and gear that you can equip in your loadout in both multiplayer mode or battle royale mode.




Sure, you can also acquire good weapons completing objectives or increasing your tier but levelling up is still the best way to get powerful weapons. The maximum level you can achieve in COD Mobile is 150, which seems like a high number and a daunting task. But there are ways for you to level up in the game quickly and this is what we’ll discuss in this article. So if you just started playing, read the tips below to help you level up faster.


Tips To Leveling Up Faster in Call of Duty Mobile


Play Battle Royale

One of the best ways to earn a lot of XP (experience points) in Call of Duty Mobile is by playing in Battle Royale mode. This mode is where you can easily reach thousands of XP, and it’s not even required that you win the match. Of course, the higher your ranking is when you get eliminated, the more XP you will get. Finishing a battle royale mode #28th earned me close to 4,000 XP.

But finishing 6th earned me more than 6,000 XP. I got these XPs without even getting a lot of kills. So if you want to level up quicker in the game, play battle royale and try to finish as high as you can. It doesn’t matter if its solo, duo, or squad, battle royale is the best way to earn more XP in COD Mobile.




Get More Kills in Multiplayer

If you don’t want to play battle royale, there are still other ways for you to get more XP in the game. One of those ways is getting more kills when you are playing in multiplayer mode. This is easier said than done, though, especially if you are a beginner in Call of Duty Mobile. But if you’re already a good player, then achieving as many kills as you can is a piece of cake.

Now you might ask which multiplayer mode you should play in since there are many different game modes to choose from. Domination would have to be that mode. This is because this game mode is not based upon achieving a certain number of kills to win, but by occupying specific points in the game. So you can quickly rack up tons of kills playing Domination. Hardpoint is another excellent multiplayer mode to get tons of skills since it’s a bit similar to Domination where you try to occupy specific points on the map. But unlike Domination, at least one player will have to stay in the spot and the location changes after a particular time.


Play Long Matches in Call of Duty Mobile

The longer a match lasts, the more XP you will earn than when you play a short game. This is why the battle royale mode is one of the best ways to make more XP since partners are typically long, mostly if you finished towards the end of the game. In multiplayer, Domination and Hardpoint will be your go-to game mode if you want to play longer matches.


Winning in Call of Duty Mobile Also Earn More XP

Of course, winning is going to be a factor in gaining more XP in Call of Duty Mobile. You will get more XP whenever you win in a match than when you lose. Whether it’s battle royale or multiplayer, you will need to win as much as you can if you want to gain more XP.




Play with Clanmates

Another way to earn more XP in Call of Duty Mobile is if you play with your clanmates. The game rewards you with extra XP whenever you play with members of your clan. It doesn’t matter what game mode it is, as every match you play with clanmates will result in extra XP for you.


Call of Duty Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned above are the best ways for you to earn XP in Call of Duty Mobile quickly. Levelling up to 150 might seem like a daunting task, but following the tips above will help you get to that point faster. And if you enjoy playing Call of Duty Mobile, then you will have more fun trying to achieve that goal. If you’re looking for more fun and exciting shooting games to play, you may visit