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Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons – The Best Ones to Use in the Game


It’s not hard to find yourself engaged in a fight in Cyberpunk 2077. There will always be fights available, and you can even start your own. To best deal with fights, you’ll need to arm yourself with the Cyberpunk 2077 best weapons. That won’t be an issue since there’s a plethora of them available in the game. You can easily find one to use that can help you in fights or just cause havoc. But not all weapons are created equal. Some are just more powerful than others.

To help you with that, let’s identify the best weapons to use in any situation in the game. We’ll also identify how these weapons can be acquired, so you’ll be able to use them when you need them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons to Acquire

Belos is a list of some of the best weapons you can use in Cyberpunk 2077;

8. Mantis Blades – Melee

One of the Cyberpunk 2077 best weapons you can use is the Mantis Blades. It’s a melee weapon that you’ll equip to your arms and makes you look like a praying mantis. It features quick speed, has high damage, and can even deal thermal damage. Apart from that, it’s a cool weapon that even features its take-down animations. It’s a weapon you can acquire from a ripperdoc.

You will need a lot of eddies and street cred to get this weapon (roughly 13k eddies and 20 street cred for the rare variant and about 25k and 25 street cred for the epic variant). The legendary variant is available for 36k eddies and 45 street cred. A free legendary can be acquired at the footlocker in Wellsprings, on a rooftop near Epistrophy.

Mantis Blades
Image Source: Mantis Blades


7. Fenrir – Iconic Weapon (Submachine Gun)

If you prefer using sub-machine guns, then the iconic weapon Fenrir is a good option for you. It’s one of the best sub-machine guns available that will shred any enemy in front of you. With its high attack speed, it can take apart enemies, limb by limb. What’s interesting is that it’s a small SMG, which means it can fit in your back pocket. Therefore, you can easily carry this weapon around.

It also has a high chance of dealing thermal, crit damage, or burn damage. You can acquire this weapon from a table next to the captive monk when you do the “Losing My Religion” mission.

Image Source: Fenrir


6. Skippy – Smart Weapon (Pistol)

I wouldn’t be surprised if you think a gun named Skippy might seem like a weak gun, especially since it’s a pistol. But don’t let the name fool you, as this pistol can deal good amounts of damage. It’s also a smart gun, which means it will automatically shoot people. Plus, each shot of the gun is a headshot, so the damage is considerably higher. What’s more, Skippy talks. He’ll be talking to you whenever you’re using him, which is kind of cool. The gun also scales with your level, so it’s a great pistol to have.

Skippy is a gun that’s available when you do the side job “Machine Gun.” But take note, once you finish the side gig, you also have to return Skippy. So that means you can’t use him forever. Well, there is a way over that. Just don’t finish the side gig and you can keep on using Skippy.

Image Source: Skippy


5. Ba Xing Chong – Smart Weapon (Shotgun)

If you don’t like using melee weapons during close fights, then one option is to use a shotgun. One of the best ones you can find in the game is the Ba Xing Chong Smart Weapon. Though it sounds more like the name of a restaurant, it’s a very powerful weapon, especially up-close. It uses explosive bullets, which is unfortunate for opponents who will receive the full brunt of its damage and explosion. It’s also a smart weapon, which means it will aim automatically.

It’s also considered an iconic weapon, so it comes with unique stats. You can craft this weapon and you can find the specs in a locked chest inside a locked room in Ebunike. It’s accessible after you defeat and loot Adam Smasher.

Ba Xing Chong
Image Source: Ba Xing Chong


4. Widow Maker – Tech Weapon (Precision Rifle)

This weapon lives up to its name since it easily takes out men (or anyone for that matter), making many women widows. It features a high power rate and can be charged since it’s a tech weapon. This precision rifle also features cool firing sounds, which makes using it fun. Additionally, the weapon comes with attachment slots, so you can add various attachments to it. It can also be upgraded from rare to epic.

Acquiring this weapon is simple. You just have to kill a random character named Nash as he will drop the weapon. You can encounter Nash during the Ghost Town mission if you decide to help Panam get revenge. If not, you’ll encounter him again, later on, so you can acquire the weapon there.

Widow Maker
Image Source: Widow Maker


3. Overwatch – Power Weapon (Sniper Rifle)

If you enjoy engaging enemies from afar, then the Overwatch weapon is your best bet. It’s a sniper rifle that has high base attack damage (1024 – 1254). But that damage can skyrocket to 10,000 if you correctly build it. Therefore, making it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It’s also an iconic weapon, which means it has unique stats.

The weapon can be acquired by completing the Riders of the Storm quest. Panam will give the weapon as a reward. You can also acquire this as an Ending reward.

Image Source: Overwatch


2. Moron Labe – Power Weapon (Assault Rifle)

Here’s a powerful assault rifle capable of making limbs fly off your enemies. It’s called the Moron Labe, a power assault rifle. It has high damage, as well as a high fire rate, which allows it to dismember your enemy’s limbs. It’s also an iconic weapon, which means it possesses unique stats. It can deal chemical and physical damage to any enemy.

The weapon can be crafted and the specs can be acquired during the “Suspected Organized Crime Activity (West Wind Estate)” mission. The specs are dropped by Anton Kolev after you defeat him.

Moron Labe
Image Source: Moron Labe Crafting Specs


1. Malorian Arms 3516 – Power Weapon (Pistol)

Currently, the best Cyberpunk 2077 weapon in the game is the Malorian Arms 3516. It’s an iconic weapon that’s customized for Johnny Silverhand (the character that Keanu Reeves voiced). It also provides some of the most unique stats in the game. It’s a weapon that can shoot through walls if you aim down sights. In addition, it has a 1.20 headshot damage multiplier, allowing you to deal more damage with headshots. It has a perk called The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

To acquire the gun, you need to do the side job Chippin’ In, which is given by Johnny Silverhand himself. Once you complete the side job, you’ll get the Malorian Arms 3516. It’s a weapon recommended for every Cyberpunk 2077 player to have.

Malorian Arms 3516
Image Source: Malorian Arms 3516


Choose from the Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons Now

There are many more powerful weapons available in Cyberpunk 2077. But the ones on this list are currently the best ones you can find in the game. So if you want them, play the game now! But if you’re looking for more news and guides regarding this game, make sure to stay in the loop here in PlayPC.

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