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CD Projekt Red Surprises with Big Cyberpunk 2077 Announcements

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Last July 26, 2020, publisher and developer CD Projekt Red showcased a major presentation called Night City Wire: an episodic webisode that will eventually lead up to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 this November 19, 2020. The video features 3 major parts: a new trailer, an upcoming anime to be shown on Netflix, and a unique gameplay feature. We will break them down into chunks to briefly discuss about the highlights.

Trailer and Gameplay

So far, the game looks and feels what everyone expects the game to be: living up to the hype with the same visuals as seen from the demo in E3 2018. Also, CD Projekt Red publicly announced that they released early access copies to critics and YouTube personalities. According to them, the game is awesome.

If you never stay tuned to Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red developed and published the game. They are responsible for a little game called The Witcher and its whole trilogy. For Cyberpunk 2077, they wanted to go on a different route; something that will challenge them. Instead of the usual fantasy RPG, this time they went for an FPS RPG. Those who played the likes of System Shock and the Deus Ex series should feel no surprise.

It may seem like the usual FPS RPG, but CD Projekt Red promises to bring the most immersive experience ever. Fans of cyberpunk era games, RPGs and FPS undoubtedly look forward to this game.

As for gameplay, they released the prologue wherein you can go through 3 different routes which all eventually lead up to the main objective.

Based on the trailers and essays from those who had hands-on experience, the game might just set a new standard in gaming.



This one comes as a huge surprise. There wasn’t many details about the upcoming show except for the fact that TRIGGER will develop the anime and shown on Netflix. The anime is titled Cyberpunk: Edgerunner – a different story from the game but set in the same timeline. TRIGGER is the studio that brought Kill La Kill, Gurrenn Lagann, Darling in the Franxx and Little Witch Academia. The show will get its release this 2022.


Brain Dance

Brain Dance (BD) is the brand-new feature in the game. According to the developers, BD plays a crucial role in advancing through the story. Basically, BD serves as a first-hand surveillance where you get to relive the final moments of a person and explore his/her surroundings. Not only does Cyberpunk lets you play as a fighter or diplomat, but you can also become a sleuth.


The Most Ambitious Game This 2020 Since The Last of Us 2

With so many mixed reviews on The Last of Us 2, gamers hope that Cyberpunk 2077 will live to its own hype. After all, the game has been in development since 2013. If this does come out successful, it may as well be the pinnacle of this generation’s gaming since Half-Life 2 in 2004. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get another delay.