The Features And What To Expect From the PUBG Map Livik Map


Last July, PUBG Mobile received a new update which also contained a new map called Livik. The new battle royale map will be exclusive only to the mobile version of the game. This is currently the game’s smallest map, only having a size of 2×2 kilometers. As a small map, it can only accommodate 52 players who will battle it out for survival.

This means that matches on the Livik map will be short and fast. The maximum time you will allot in a match in Livik is only 15 minutes. However, it is important to take note that this map is still in its beta version. This means that the developers can still add or remove a few things that this map features. But what are the new features of this map and what can we expect from it? Let’s take a look. Learn more about the game here.


The Features of PUBG Mobile’s Livik Map


New Vehicles and Weapons

One of the new features that players can expect with the Livik map is the introduction of new weapons and a new vehicle. The developers are introducing 2 new guns in this map, the MK12 and the P90. The MK12 is a designated marksman rifle (DMR) that uses 5.56 ammo and has 20 round capacity that can be extended up to 30 rounds. It’s a gun that’s designed for mid to long-range combat.

The P90 is a fully-automatic submachine gun and a well-known weapon in many FPS games. It has a large magazine with 50 rounds and uses 9mm ammo. It’s a great weapon for close-range combat and has a high fire rate. The new vehicle is the Monster Truck, which is currently the largest vehicle in the game. It’s a vehicle that is also very easy to maneuver and can easily pass through rough terrains without the worry of tipping over. These new additions are only exclusive for the Livik map.




New Locations to Discover

A new map means there are also new locations for you to discover. The Livik map features a Nordic theme, which means there are flower fields, Windmills, cold mountain lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, and many more. The hot spring is actually a good place to go to since it can revive your health.

The waterfall is also a good place to land since there’s a secret place behind that has great loot for you to acquire. The hot spring is on the North-East part of the map while the waterfall is at the South-East part.

These 2 are the features of the new Livik map. They are great additions that make playing the game more exciting, especially if you happen to locate them on the new map. But what’s it like to play on Livik? Let’s discuss this in the next section.


What to Expect When You Play the Livik Map

Fast-paced and Intense Gameplay

When you play the classic battle royale in the Livik map, one of the things that you need to expect is that the match will be fast-paced and the gameplay will be intense. Even if there are only 52 players, the map is so small that you should not be surprised to encounter several enemies at the start. As you move along, you should also expect to hear a lot of gunfire and bullet marks on your map since players are more likely to run into each other on this small map.

Gunfights are also more intense since it will be common to encounter 2-3 enemies at the same time. So you should always be on the lookout and prepare to battle several enemies at once. You better be quick in looting and acquiring weapons so you’re prepared in case an enemy comes by.




There are Many Terrain and Areas to Hide

Another thing that you can expect with the Livik map is that it has many terrains, rocks, and other obstacles for you to easily hide. Unlike in the larger maps, it is much easier to find a hiding spot on Livik. So even if the encounter rate is higher, you can easily find a good spot to hide and even ambush unsuspecting enemies.

Livik also has many areas with tall grass. This provides another good place for players to hide and ambush unsuspecting passersby. Even when the playable area becomes small, you can still be assured that there are grassy areas, rocks, or trees that you can use as cover.


PUBG Livik Map: Final Thoughts

The Livik map is a great addition to PUBG Mobile, providing gamers with a faster and more intense battle royale match. The new weapons and vehicles added are also great and they can really help a lot during the match. You do need to get used to playing the map first before you can strategize properly and increase your chances of getting a Chicken Dinner.

But once you know the Livik map better, you will see that it offers plenty of good locations for you to land and start looting. You will also see that the map offers good spots to position yourself for an ambush or to avoid enemy encounters.