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A Guide to Genshin Impact: Top 8 Tips to Avoid Common Rookie Mistakes


Genshin Impact is a massive role-playing and gacha game that throws you into the vast world of Teyvat. As you start the adventure, you’ll get a full tutorial of how things work in the game. Some missions provide tutorials along the way but most of the time, you will be left to fend for yourself. You have the freedom to choose if you want to start working on the main story, or just explore and discover all the corners of Teyvat and its inhabitants first.

Because of the immense freedom that players get from this game, the unfamiliar might think that Genshin Impact is too daunting and overwhelming. Deciding on what to do first, knowing which way to go, and what quest should be prioritized can get tedious. It’s easy to feel lost and misguided throughout the game.

Exploring Teyvat alone can keep you preoccupied for hours, and it will feel like you will not accomplish anything in the game despite spending hours playing it. So, for beginners who don’t like wasting too much time randomly going around Teyvat, below are some useful tips that you should know to avoid wasting time just trying to figure out what to do best in the game.

Use Your Wishes Wisely

Wishing is the gacha system of the game where you can receive random-generated weapons and characters with different levels of rarity in exchange for a premium currency called Wish. You have the option to do one wish per turn or do all 10 at once. If you manage to acquire a high-rank character before the tenth pull, it’s best to stop and save the extra pulls for later.


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Loot Everything

And we mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. As you explore the vast landscape of Teyvat, you will come across glittering objects that are scattered throughout the area. These sparkling items are stuff that you can pick up and stash.

The best part is, your inventory can store up to 10,000 items so take advantage of that and grab as much loot as you can! Some items might seem useless to you in the time being, but who knows? They might come in handy later in the game. Besides, keeping a varied stash will help you save time.

Take Note of Locations with Amenoculus & Geoculus

Amenoculus and Geoculus are hidden floating objects that you can find in caves, cliffs, and various locations around Teyvat. There are tons of these items around, and it’s a good idea to keep track of each object whenever you discover one. You will need all of these to increase your stamina. So, take note of the locations or areas when you come across these things.

Heal Up at Statues Of The Seven

During fights, you can heal and revive your party by consuming food but there’s a chance that you might run out of food pretty quickly, especially if you failed to stash enough resources prior to a fight.

If that happens, you can teleport to any of the Statues of the Seven that you have been so far. Here, you can make an offering using Amenoculus and Geoculus to power up your characters and reveal party members. You can also interact with these statues and heal manually through the “Statue’s Blessing.”

Find Missing Seelies with Elemental Sight

Seelies are glowing creatures that you’ll find traveling in the depths of Teyvat. Following them will lead you to their base where they sit and offer you treasures. Sometimes, you’ll find their base first and not the Seelies themselves. When this happens, you can find the owners of the base by using your Elemental Sight. It will highlight a stream of glowing blue light that will lead you in the direction of a Sellie.

Work on Your Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact gives you the freedom to either focus on the story campaign before exploring other parts of the game, or work on the main story right away. However, some parts of the story campaign are only unlocked after reaching a certain Adventure Rank.


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Adventure Rank represents the things you’ve done while exploring Teyvat. As you progress through the Adventure Ranks, you can unlock various features, such as new levels in story missions, and features for character ascension. Therefore, you still need to explore as much as you can to progress further in the story campaign.

Everything you do throughout your journey adds up to your Adventure Rank. Even simple stuff like opening chests, discovering new places, character interactions, and unlocking new teleportation waypoints add to your rank.

You Can Die From Falling

In the first few minutes of the game, you will receive a glider which will help you get around and land on the ground faster when you are exploring at a height. It is a piece of very useful equipment in the game, especially because there are plenty of mountains to explore. However, be careful and make sure to use your glider correctly. Falling off your glider or falling from high places can actually kill your character in the game.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Before starting, you might want to decide which platform you would want to play in. A lot of players found out the hard way that some devices are not convenient for Genshin Impact. For example, playing on gaming consoles like PS4 does not allow players to transfer or share saved files to Mobile or PC (in case you want to switch platforms or play the game on the go).

However, saved files on your PC can be shared with your mobile device. So, if you are thinking of playing Genshin Impact on PS4, be aware that you cannot carry over your progress to other gaming devices.

The freedom to explore the vast world of Teyvat without worrying about the main campaign is actually a feature that many players love about Genshin Impact. Just keep these tips in mind to avoid wandering aimlessly in the game. And for more free guides and tips for Genshin Impact and other games, just stay tuned here on PlayPC!