Valorant: State of the Agents for February 2021


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There is always something new in Valorant. These updates ensure that the game provides better gaming experience to players.. Part of these updates includes major changes on the agents, which usually happen every month. So, if you want to find out the state of the agents for February 2021, continue reading to find out.

State of the Agents in February 2021

The last time we heard from John Gosicki, the character producer, was in December 2020. He hinted at Yoru, the new Japanese agent who came from Japan. He also talked about the Controllers, which will be given a more team-focused power alongside the Initiators to give them that umph and encourage them to play alongside their teammates, not as individuals. Moreover, the first set of changes for the Controllers will be launched on Episode 2. Brimstone and Omen changes went live since 2.0, and these roles are better if not stronger. It helped highlight their respective strengths.


Valorant Viper
Source: Valorant Official Youtube Channel



There was a lot of noise regarding Viper’s updates due to some problems with her gameplay. Apparently, many players have run into some issues while using Viper. The new update won’t be released in the upcoming patch notes. The developers are still working on her to find out what really sets her apart from other agents. But what we do know is that Viper will have a unique spot among the roles, which will show her specific play patterns in connection to her power fantasy.


Valorant Yoru
Source: Valorant Official Youtube Channel



There will be some future buffs for Yoru since the developers have noticed that the mastery of his infiltration tools hasn’t reached the level of success that they were hoping for. But many players seem to love him, given the current state that Yoru is in right now. There will always be something new to add to his personality, especially since it has only been a few weeks since he first came out.


Valorant Astra
Source: Valorant Official Youtube Channel



Everybody has been asking about a new Controller, and it seems like you’re all getting it. Astra, the Ghanaian agent, will be a “cosmic shift” from the play patterns that players grew accustomed to. This means she is more powerful and a little bit more disruptive than the other agents’ abilities. Moreover, Astra is going to be for those who love studying everything that happens on the map.

So far, these are the only things that were discussed in the February 2021 State of the Agents. For sure, there will be bigger and deeper news for all Valorant players out there. More updates and information soon for you all to enjoy! So make sure to keep a lookout for more discussions about the Agents of Valorant.