WWE 2K22 MyRise – Is This New Mode Better Than Its Predecessor?


The creators behind the WWE 2K22 franchise may have taken a hiatus last year but Visual Concepts is now back. And this time, they are fiercer than ever with a revamp of its wrestling game franchise from the ground up. One of their primary changes in the latest iteration of their wrestling franchise is the new and improved WWE 2K22 MyRise. It’s basically “out with the old and in with the new” as Visual Concepts got rid of the MyCareer mode to give way to its WWE 2K22 MyRise format. Here, players will have an opportunity to create their unique wrestling superstar with their own skills and backstory. Additionally, players will have to guide their wrestlers to go up the ranks and win championships.

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Create Your Own Wrestler in WWE 2K22 MyRise

As aforementioned, WWE MyRise is an entirely different format than the old MyCareer game mode. It offers players at least 50 hours of gameplay with over 1000 wrestling matches and two separate storylines. In line with this, players will create their champions and shape each character using a crowd reaction system. Aside from using your champion to fight, the crowd reaction system creates a realistic approach to how wrestling champions move in the game. This change adapted by WWE 2K22 MyRise makes it the most comprehensive mode in the WWE universe to date.

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Going Beyond MyPlayer Creation

Due to the detailed approach of the game’s latest update, it could take a couple of hours to complete your unique wrestling superstar. As you create the champion to use in your wrestling journey, you will be given several options that will help dictate what your wrestler is all about. This covers their fighting styles, crowd creations, backstory, and overall wrestling plot. Moreover, the two storylines have been presented by the developers in order to cater to both female and male characters. This adjustment makes it possible to play the game again and again sans the possibility of getting stale and boring. Additionally, there’s a shortlist available for your character’s backstory, and they are as follows:

  • MMA Star gives your champ a 5% boost each to his arm and leg power and a 10% boost to his technical submission defense. This backstory is recommended for gamers who prefer the game’s new combo mechanics because all your light attacks will be boosted.
  • Former Pro Athlete boosts your superstar’s agility and grapple offense by 5% and adds a 10% body durability boost. If you are more of a defensive player, this backstory is optimal for you.
  • Indie Wrestling Star gives your superstar’s grapple reversal and technical submission offense skills a 5% boost, plus a 10% boost to their aerial offense. This background is ideal for players who enjoy top rope and springboard moves.
  • Actor gives your champion a 5% recovery and movement speed boost, and a 10% boost to stamina. This backstory is most suitable for players who love to poke fun with things and run around the arena.

All wrestling legends and superstars in WWE 2K22 MyRise roster have been assigned to a weight class that determines their fighting style and starting attributes. Characters under each class will all share the same starting attributes to add versatility to each champion. For example, Super Heavyweights can do aerial moves while Cruiserweights can be powerhouses.

WWE 2K22 MyRise Storylines

The new mode of this wrestling game franchise features over 1000 matches and at least 50 hours of gameplay. Furthermore, there are two storylines to accommodate male and female characters, and you will be taught by two legends namely Shawn Michaels and Beth Phoenix. Previous versions of WWE like the 2020 version also lets players choose their wrestling champ’s gender. However, that only had one storyline shared by both genders and 25 hours of gameplay.

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Leagues, Rivalries, & Showdowns

One of the noticeable changes in WWE 2K22 MyRise is the omission of MyCareer’s game mechanics and the inclusion of complicated showdowns, rivalries, and brands. With this, players can choose to play between a heel and a face. Additionally, players can play in all the big three WWE leagues – Smackdown, RAW, and NXT. Under each league, players can start their unique rivalries to create storylines based on the backgrounds they chose from the beginning and their choices while progressing playing MyRise. Furthermore, players can form partnerships and even switch sides whenever they feel like it. Adding this type of in-depth gameplay makes the game more immersive and unique.
How Visual Concepts rebuilt WWE 2K22 MyRise could possibly revolutionize the entire franchise and wrestling industry. This move could potentially improve the franchise’s MyCareer modes in their future game releases as well. Because rivalries and leagues give players a sense of realism and a more memorable gaming experience while playing. Indeed, the latest additions to MyRise are not only engaging players to play for hours but also sparking a positive change in the entire wrestling gaming industry.
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