WWE 2K22 Teases New Controls & Game Modes

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With the fast-approaching March 2022 launch date of WWE 2K22, 2k is slowly dishing out some important details. The franchise losing steam due to the failure of the previous entries, there is a lot riding on WWE 2K22 MyRise. With that said, let’s take a quick overview of the top 10 “most anticipated innovations” as per 2K’s announcement. First off is the redesigned gameplay engine which is only fitting given that the upcoming game is going to run on the next gen.

According to 2k, the upcoming gaming game will boast lifelike graphics that will make the player feel like a ringside audience. With the new design of engine comes new controls which are implemented to cater to all players of all skill levels. This means that the upcoming game will allow both veterans and newbies to execute the unique moves. All in all, 2K promises to provide players with one of the most immersive entries to the franchise yet.

WWE 2K22 Controller
WWE 2K22 Controller Layout screenshot from WWE 2K22 Trailer


We took the liberty to examine the new Xbox controls of the upcoming game. As per the game’s new trailer, grapples will be with the B button, the Y for reversals, the X for Light Attack, and A for Heavy Attack. The LT will be for Run while the LB will be for picking up objects.

The RB on the other hand will be used for dodge while the RT will be used to execute special moves when combined with the main buttons. The various taunts will now be triggered by the directional button while the right analog stick will be used for pinning, re-positioning opponents, and changing targets. Aside from the improved overall presentation, 2K also teased some of the new and returning features coming to the game. Check out some of these features in the list below.


MyGM or My General Manager is a new feature coming to the WWE franchise. As the name of the feature implies, MyGM will allow players to become WWE General Manager. This means that they will be able to draft their own WWE Superstars roster, manage contracts, and book matches. This new feature will provide the player with total control of his own team.


MyFACTION is another new feature coming to the game. Similar to the MyGM, this new feature will provide players total control of their own faction. This means that players can now create factions similar to D-Generation X, New World Order, or The Corporation. With MyGM, 2K will provide the player total freedom to create and develop the next big faction by upgrading their Superstars to become the best in the entire league which is cool, to say the least.


MyRise is more like the game’s career mode which allows players to climb to the ranks from rookie to Superstar. Also, it allows players to feel the journey of some of the WWE Superstars today. This part is all by providing them a real platform that includes making behind-the-scenes connections with other superstars.


WWE 2K22 Trailer
Screenshot from WWE 2K22 Trailer


Moreover, the feature allows players to become a hero or villains in the eyes of fans across the globe. All of this will be through new storylines which will be available for both male and female players in the game.

Universe Mode and Creation Suite

Returning to WWE 2K22 is the universe mode that allows players to take full control of the action. This part means that players will be able to dictate PPV matches and form rivalries on the fly. This new model will provide players total control of the events that will take place in the WWE universe making them feel like the sole owner of the league.


Suite Creation
Screenshot from WWE 2K22 Trailer


The Creation Suite, on the other hand, is where players can unleash their creativity. It happens by allowing them to design a wrestler according to their preferences. Create and unleash the new WWE Superstar and dominate the entire league. Whether it’s a hero or villain is up to you since this feature provides players with total freedom.

Final Thoughts

WWE 2K22 will launch in March 2022 without any definite date. As promising as the features by 2K, they also stated that more features for the upcoming game will be unveiled come January 2022. With the failures of the previous installments, 2K is aiming to bring back fans to their iconic franchise. Whether the new features and game modes are enough to make the franchise great again lies entirely on the fans. What do you think? Can 2K bring back the glory of their WWE 2K22 franchise? Leave your comments below. #
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