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PlayStation will Port 50% of their Exclusive Games to PC by 2025


Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that the company will be expanding to other platforms. He added that they will be launching a dozen live service games in the coming years. The company will call it a “transformation” to their business.

PlayStation’s head honcho mentioned that PlayStation Studios has delivered a strong portfolio of games over the years. However, it is undeniable that they also restricted themselves to a narrow portion of the market given that the games are exclusive to the PlayStation platform alone.

Since 2020, PlayStation saw an exponential growth from 35 to 300 million sustained by exclusives ported to the PC. The significant growth has encouraged the company to focus more on their expansion not only on PC but on mobile.

Not to mention that the company’s push toward mobile may be the reason for the company’s plan to integrate in-game ads into their games. Additionally, it was also mentioned that the company has been researching and experimenting with mobile apps and games to provide players with more choices.

More About PlayStation 4

It is more likely that PlayStation 4 games will be phased out in 2025 as mentioned during the business briefing. This means that your PlayStation 4 console will continue to receive new games up until the aforementioned date. So no need to discard your PlayStation 4 just yet for you can still play exclusives on it for three years. Sony has yet to reveal which exclusive will be coming to mobile and PC. Nevertheless, it is more likely that mobile versions of games Sackboy, Dreams, Astrobot, Ratchet, Clank, and Gran Turismo will be coming to both IOS and Android.


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Sony’s expansion towards mobile and PC may be a signal that a seamless cross-platform gaming experience is not that far ahead. Although the feature is already present in selected titles, Sony has yet to implement the feature on its titles. Cross-platform gaming, for the most part, is one of the missing ingredients that will connect all gaming platforms for good.

Making competitive and multiplayer games more accessible to players across the globe. Hopefully, PlayStation will also look into another highly requested feature in the future which is backward compatibility of their console. So what do you think? Is Sony making the right move or is it too early to tell? Feel free to leave your comments below.

PlayStation Studios and PC Gaming

PlayStation is known for its exclusive games. From the first console to the latest, Sony has delivered a steady stream of unique and exciting titles. It also has exclusive games are the reason why PlayStation is a great console and why it has so many loyal fans.

PlayStation exclusive games are usually developed by Sony, but they can also be developed by third-party developers. Some of the most popular PlayStation exclusive games include The Uncharted Series, Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, God of War series, Grand Turismo series, MLB: The Show series, The Ghost of Tsushima, and much more.

PlayStation is one of the biggest names in video game development, and its studios are some of the most successful in the business. They’ve been around for years, and they’ve had a hand in creating some of the most iconic games of all time. In 2020, Sony announced the establishment of PlayStation Studios housing all of their 18 development studios into one brand.


PlayStation Games
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PlayStation Studios is a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The company is responsible for the development, manufacture, and marketing of PlayStation consoles, handhelds, and games, as well as the production of content for their platforms.

The main goal of PlayStation Video Game Studios is to create new games based on the characters from Sony’s video game franchises. The company also works on developing new IPs for both PlayStation and non-PlayStation platforms. In 2021, Sony created the PlayStation PC label signaling the company’s aim to port their exclusive games to the PC.

The Bottom Line

PCs have always been more powerful than consoles, but for a long time, they were also more expensive. But then something changed—in 2007, Valve released Steam, a digital distribution platform for PC games. Suddenly, there was an easy way for people to buy games online and download them directly onto their computers. PC gaming is about more than just the games themselves. It’s about the culture of innovation, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of sharing with friends.

The PC gaming community is one of the strongest and the biggest in the industry. Sony believes that tapping into this tightly knit community will greatly benefit their gaming division. Moreover, Sony’s recent acquisition of Nixxes Software indicated that more exclusives are on the way to the PC.

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