Diablo IV: All You Need to Know About The New Sorceress

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One of the most iconice classes of the Diablo franchise is The Sorceress. In the upcoming Diablo IV installment, this class is confirmed to make a comeback. The Sorceress hails from the clan of Zann Esu, the eldest of all the mage clans which are known for being female-dominated. For hundreds of years, they studied in secret to perfect their art and bide their time until evil emerged.

In addition, their greatest quest is to defeat Prime Evils and to prove the purity of magic. The Zann Esu sorceresses pursue perfection in the belief to attain the purest of magic and become the most powerful mages in the Sanctuary. They carefully choose girls who possess the highest level of attunement to magical elements and offer them an apprenticeship.

Furthermore, Sorceresses specialize in the use of elemental magic to defeat and control their foes. With elemental magic, a sorceress controls primal energies. They can also manipulate the weather. They channel three powerful spells of fire, lightning, and ice that inflict elemental ailments with great damage.


What to Expect With the New Version of Sorceress

As shown during the Blizzcon 2019, the Sorceress has a lot of similarities with that of Diablo III’s Wizard class. In Diablo IV, there are six categories of abilities and skills—as listed below.

Minor Destruction – this includes abilities to use spells without costing any mana. The Sorceress has Lightning, Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, and Arc Lash under this category.

  1. Major Destructions – deals more damage to enemies but at the expense of mana. The Sorceress has Charged Bolts, Fireball, Ice Shards, and Incinerate, among others, under this category.
  2. Defensive – this improves the character’s defenses. It will be either crowd control, passive or cool down skills. The Sorceress can cast a flame shield and ice armor, classified as crowd control and passive respectively. 
  3. Conjuration – this ability allows you to inflict a great deal of damage at the cost of either mana or longer cooldowns. This acts as supplemental damage to Major Destruction abilities. For this category, a Sorceress can summon a three-headed creature that spits fire onto enemies for 12 seconds
  4. Mastery – this requires a significant amount of mana in return for high damage. Sorceresses have the Firewall skill which creates a wall of fire that deals 378 damage to enemies that lasts for 8 seconds. Nova, however, is a passive skill that unleashes a burst of lightning after spending 145 mana.
  5. Ultimate – these abilities provide significant power and damage but it requires longer cooldowns. One of these skills is the Conduit, which has the longest cooldown of 90 seconds.


Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Cg4akqTsg


Diablo IV: Sorceress Talent Tree

Compared to the two other classes that were confirmed for Diablo IV, the Sorceress has the largest talent tree so far—thanks to its range of elemental magic. The talent tree branches into an individual element which allows the Sorceress to specialize in one or two elements. This allows the character to increase damage and enhance the negative ailments inflicted on its foes.

Here’s an overview of the Sorceress Talent Tree:

  • Universal – Potent Warding, Devastation, Align Elements, Precision Magic, Inexorable Reach, Elemental Attunement
  • Fire – Char to Ash, Soulfire, Blaze of Glory, Burning Resonance, Devouring Flames, Endless Pyre, Conflagration
  • Cold – Numbing Cold, Icy Touch, Cold Snap, Hoarfrost, Frostbite, Chill to the Bone, Endless Winter
  • Lightning – Ceaseless Bolts, Overcharge, Convulsions, Stagger, Crackling Aura, Shocking Strikes, Lightning Mastery

Since Diablo IV is still in its early stages of development, players can expect that more details and skills might be added and changed soon for the Sorceress and other classes. There are still two more classes to complete the five classes that are expected in Diablo IV.  So, make sure to stay tuned for these updates on PlayPC!