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A Quick Look At Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade


Following the massive success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Sony was quick to announce another massive reveal. During their State of Play last February, Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade for the Playstation 5. It’s set to enter the public market on June 10, 2021. Intergrade acts as the enhanced and expanded version of FFVII Remake. It boasts a major boost in graphics as it improved the lighting and texture of the environment.

Gamers can also switch between two modes namely the Graphics Mode and Performance Mode. The former lets you play in 4k resolution while the latter limits the FPS at 60 for smoother gameplay. Another feature of Intergrade is the Photo Mode. Although this isn’t a surprisingly new feature, players get the option to take awesome screenshots of their adventure. It’s a perfect way to immortalize iconic events in Midgard. Intergrade will also apply new difficulty settings so gamers across multiple skill levels can enjoy the game. Finally, Square Enix mentioned that it’ll have faster loading times.

Yuffie’s Story As Intergrade’s DLC

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will also feature a new character storyline particularly Yuffie’s. Players will get to experience the young ninja’s journey as they roam around Midgard. Her story revolves around infiltrating Shinra Corp with the hopes of stealing a powerful materia for her homeland. New characters and heroes will join her adventures as well as meet old ones.

Rumors are already circulating in the gaming community regarding the new characters. Since FFVII Remake brought about new surprises regarding the game’s lore, people won’t be surprised if there’s another big revelation. Intergrade will also feature new combat additions that’ll add more flavor to its world. The remaining questions are how far will Intergrade dive into the FFVII storyline, and what new surprises will players unearth.


Final Fantasy VII Intergrade
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Yuffie’s DLC will come as a free addition to gamers who purchase Final Fantasy VII Intergrade. For players who purchased the PS4 version, they will get a free PS5 update on their current copies. However, the Yuffie DLC won’t be included in the update. Players would need to buy the DLC separately from the digital store. Additionally, Playstation Plus members won’t get a free upgrade of the game and would need to purchase their copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake. They could also buy the Intergrade version for the Playstation 5 if they have the latest console on-hand.

The Entire Fate of Midgard Retold

Final Fantasy fans will surely get a kick out of FFVII Intergrade especially since the trailer showed promising visual effects. Players might even get to see Yuffie’s homeland as opposed to the original PS1 game’s lip service. Square Enix also made a point to pre-purchase FFVII Intergrade so gamers can get access to exclusive rewards. Those who pre-order the game will get the Cacstar weapon for Yuffie. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade comes in both physical and digital copies.

The game has two editions namely the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. The latter has a mini soundtrack, a character sheet, and a digital artbook. It’s slated to be released on June 10, 2021. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the enhanced version of the iconic Playstation 1 game Final Fantasy VII. It boasts the use of the latest gaming technology to deliver a cinematic gaming experience.

The story follows Cloud and his gang who are bent on stopping the Shinra Corporation from depleting the planet’s resources. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular RPG games in the industry. It took the world by storm in 1997, and its Remake is doing the same thing today.