pokemon snap feature launch overview

Pokémon Snap – Launch Date, Features, and Narrative Overview


Nintendo Switch owners will soon be getting a new Pokémon game this year. The official release date trailer of Pokémon Snap has finally made it into the open. However, before we go to the official launch date of the game, let us take a quick overview of some of the most relevant details of the upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch.

What is Pokémon Snap?

First launched for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, Pokémon Snap is an FPS simulation game video game and is the brainchild of HAL Laboratory. Pokémon Snap, primarily, is unlike any other Pokémon game in existence. Although this unique spinoff is still about capturing pocket monsters, the method employed by the game is not through combat but photography. That’s right! In the original game, players take the role of a Pokémon photographer named Todd Snap. As the profession of the protagonist suggests, your mission is to take photographs or take a snapshot of Pokémon in their natural habitat on Pokémon Island.


pokemon snap feature launch features


As you may have noticed, the upcoming version of the Nintendo Switch comes with the word “new” in the title. The reason for this is that the New Pokémon Snap comes with a new narrative that involves the mysterious Illumina phenomenon. In Addition, Professor Mirror will be your companion instead of Professor Oak Like the original game. Your main task is to take snapshots of the various Pokémon located in the islands that make up the Lental Region. The challenge of the game comes from the rail shooting-like mechanics that constantly in motion.

What Are the Main Features of the New Pokémon Snap?

Aside from having improved audio-visual presentation, the New Pokémon Snap features a stricter evaluation method compared to the original game. Professor Mirror will scrutinize your image and rate it based on the pose, size, direction, placement, the inclusion of other Pokémon, and background.

The New Pokémon Snap features an improved version of the original game’s Zero one buggy in the form of Neo-One, which now hovers above ground instead of following a railroad track. Expect to take images aboard a much smoother buggy, after all, the better the image the bigger the score.


pokemon snap feature launch camera


In addition to the new improvements featured in the game, the New Pokémon Snap also hails from the video game development studios of Bandai Namco or Bamco for short. Bandai Namco and Nintendo have been In collaboration for quite some time now. One of the most recent projects spearheaded by the two video game giants is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This means that the upcoming game will be epic and will probably include some surprises on the sides.

The More the Merrier!

The New game will also feature more Pokémon compared to the original game. The best part is that the monsters are going to be more dynamic or active than ever before. This will allow you to take diverse pictures of the monsters in their natural habitat. Also, you can take as many photos as you want and keep only the best ones for your Pokédex.

Pokémon Snap is scheduled to launch on April 30, 2021, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. With that said, if you are feeling like a pro-photographer and you happen to own a Nintendo Switch, then, pre-order Pokémon Snap today and experience Pokémon unlike you have never experienced before.