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World of Warships x Hololive Collab Event Starts Now

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WoWs and Hololive rejoice! Starting on June 11, 2020, World of Warships and Hololive will collaborate in a limited time event until June 30, 2020. This is to promote World of Warships on Japan’s #1 game client, DMM. Players from the Asian server are viable to claim 2 rewards: Hololive members Shirakami Fubuki and Houshou Marine as commanders. You may earn them for free by following the steps written on the World of Warships Asia official website:

“To get free commanders, you need to register a new account at DMM Games, play World of Warships through DMM GAME PLAYER or log-in to World of Warships with the newly registered DMM account! Both commanders will be added to the newly registered DMM account.”

Click here to register for the DMM site.


Not the First Weeaboo Collaboration

While this is definitely good news for Vtuber fans and the rest of the weeaboo demographic, World of Warships have collaborated with other anime-themed media. Specifically, the WoWs x Azur Lane collaboration in 2019. The limited-time event included rare skins for HMS Hood and HMS Nelson. Also, you get to earn commanders from the hit mobile game too. The Manjuu containers included various cosmetics and chibi avatars too.


Short Summary of Hololive

Hololive is a group of virtual YouTubers characterized by their anime avatars. Originally, the group only got its fame in Japan. But, in 2019, their reputation expanded overseas. Their exposure even grew larger thanks to the Azur Lane x Hololive collaboration in December 2019. In 2020, the roster of the “idol” group expanded even further. Now, Hololive members have taken over the charts for most watched streamers in Japan. So, not only do they portray themselves as an idol group, but they also play games (extremely well), do hilarious unscripted dialogues and practice singing.


Limited Time Event Commanders

Through this event, Hololive fans and World of Warship veterans will definitely love the latest collaboration between two unlikely franchises. Senchou Marine as your Commander? Why not give her an Ahoy? Shirakami Fubuki? She’s scatman.