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Dark Souls 3 Servers Are Now Back for a Glorious Comeback


For about seven months, there is a silence among the game community who plays this phenomenal game. The silence is deafening, like an urge to wait for something that needs to return. Fortunately, for that period, Dark Souls servers are making a comeback. This resurrects the players’ longing for the game, making them look back to the glory before one thing has happened.

Before we continue to know what happened, let us know why Dark Souls became a phenomenal game. This is to inform you if you are still a new player and give you a cruncher to give this game a try. You can play the game from a third-person perspective with excellent graphics showing realistic virtual environments.

In the gaming world, every experienced player of action RPG knows how to play Dark Souls 3. As an offshoot of its former Dark Souls game sequels, Bandai Namco published this new version in 2016. Since then, players tried it worldwide.

It also boasts gaming communities that extend into every facet of social media and discord. The game became a phenomenal go-to game for those who want to ride the trend. No one has expected what will happen until an unexpected thing happens.

What Caused the Server Shutdown?

Last January this year, it is reported that some hackers found some technical flaws in Dark Souls. This enables them to execute an exploit to the target PC that plays the game. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco then urgently shut down the player-to-player servers for PC versions. Since then, they are working to fix their systems to allow more security features to guard their servers. This takes a long time for the players to wait, but this is a necessary measure to do.

Dark Souls 3 Bandai Notice

In those seven months, the players keep waiting for the day that the servers will go back. That was every single day for a long seven months. During those times, some rumors surround social media regarding the shutdown. But these are just rumors that have no proof considering that Bandai Namco always issues their statement. This statement is now proven to be true as the long wait is over, and this is a great comeback.

Is this Comeback Also the Same for Dark Souls 1 & 2?

On August 25 this year, Dark Souls posted an update on their Twitter page about the reactivation. This is good news for the whole community of Dark Souls fans who are waiting for this to happen. The recurring question surfaced, is this the comeback of Darks Souls 1 and 2?

The answer is not found among the sentences of the tweet. But you can still play Dark Souls offline, with some fun to have like the online one. Yet this is an overstatement, given that the excitement of the online game offers a more competitive play.

Dark souls 3 Hacked

FromSoftware promises, however, that they will notify the players if Dark Souls 1 and 2 servers will be back online. Even if they only fix one part of the whole Dark Souls virtual ecosystem, that is still an assurance. All we have to do is to wait for it, and that is not a long wait. Seven months is like yesterday since the server shutdown happened.

What’s Next for Players?

Bandai Namco is also the developer of the other game Elden Ring, which also became phenomenal. Even though they are two different games to play, they interchangeably share the same features. If you are a player of either of the two, and you play the other one, you can testify to this claim.

This is not the case for other players who will contradict it, but either way, they are still phenomenal games. You can play Dark Souls 3 online today, and you should give it a try if you’re a new player. This is a chance to experience this game in a moment. In the previous months, there were rumors that the servers would be forever dead.

But this is now a dream come true. As for Dark Souls 1 and 2, they are still under fixing, and there is no statement given. For the players of these two games of the same title, give Dark Souls 3 a try.

Bottom Line

The resurrection of Dark 3 servers implies a great comeback among the game’s community. This is really exciting to ponder that this game is again available online. It is a long wait, and that long wait is now over.

Give it a try if you’re a new player, and unleash your former glory if you’re already a veteran. For future updates regarding Dark Souls 3, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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