GTA 6: Rumors Surrounding The Game’s Release


One franchise that continues to dominate the open-world action-adventure video game genre is Grand Theft Auto. With combined sales of over 250 million units since its inception, this action-packed series has defined the evolution of the genre. This is because each installment never fails to bring innovations every time. This explains why each sequel is taking years to develop. For example, it took Rockstar Games 5 years to develop a follow-up to GTA IV. GTA V is still part of the top 10 best-selling video games list seven years after its official launch.

With the massive success of GTA 5 along with GTA Online and the recent launch of the next-gen consoles, Rockstar either could be holding out the launch of the sequel. With that said, if you are one of the fans who is desperately waiting and looking for leaks for the upcoming sequel, then you are in luck. We compiled the latest rumors, alleged leaks, and announcements below.

The Game Is Rumored For A 2025 Launch

If you hope to see GTA 6 this year, you will be disappointed since the game will not be out until late 2025. The GamesRadar article states that the game is still in early development and will feature an evolving map. In addition, the game is also said to feature a modern-day version of Vice City. Another rumor is that the October 2023 launch date also states that the game will feature a chapteral story similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. As of writing, there are no new details/rumors other than those two launch dates.


GTA 6 Game
Source: YouTube


The Leaked Images Of Grand Theft Auto VI

In addition to the various rumors about the upcoming sequel, alleged leaked images were also being circulated online. One of the latest alleged leaks highlights the map of the game. The image featured a theme-park-inspired map called Fred’s Fun World. As you can see in the image below the maps features various areas that look exciting to explore.
Unfortunately, one of the leakers eventually debunked the alleged map. Another alleged leak posted in 4Chan showcased an image of what could be the various logos for the radio stations in the game. Although not yet debunked, most fans of the franchise took the leak with a grain of salt. This is because of the lack of credible sources backing up the image.

The Long Waiting Game Continues

Like most AAA developers, Take-Two and Rockstar are keeping every detail about the upcoming game under lock and key. Despite the various rumors and leaks, it’s best to just wait for the official announcement from the developers themselves. Speaking of the developers, one important detail that makes the 2025 launch of the game feasible comes from the 10-K SEC Filing of Take-Two Interactive.

For those new to the term, a 10-K is a layout of the company’s financial plans for the next five years. Interestingly enough, the document shows that the company is expecting to spend a whopping 89 million dollars for marketing from April 2023 to March 2024. With that said, why would a company shell out millions of dollars for a marketing campaign?

Nevertheless, all of the details mentioned above are just speculation. Always remember that however credible the rumor is. Always take it with a grain of salt, unless the developer or publisher announced the game. Once the release of GTA VI is out, you can be sure that we’ll get first-hand information about it. So just stay tuned for more news, guides, and reviews here on PlayPC.