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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – New Update Fixes Fatalis


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne received its final free update last October 2020. In this latest update, it brought along the mighty Fatalis, who went live along with the Arch-Tempered Verkana, who appeared for a limited time. Before we jump into the latest title update, let’s take a quick look at the details of the formidable Fatalis as described in update version 15.01.00.


Monster Hunter World Fatalis
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Who is Fatalis?

Like other legendary dragons in the game, Fatalis requires the player to complete an assignment called The Black Dragon. This assignment becomes available after discovering Alatreon in the Blazing Black Twilight Quest. The area where Fatalis goes head to head with the player is the ruins of Castle Schrade. One fun fact about this location is that multiple weapons that you can use against Fatalis are lying around.

For those who are new to the game, Fatalis is an elder dragon who appeared in almost every Monster Hunter game. It has the ability to wipe out an entire hunting party using its Flame Breath. Moreover, Fatalis is also known for its extreme hostility towards all living creatures.

As for its weakness, the destroyer of kingdoms is weak against the Dragon Element and fire. Furthermore, in taking down this mighty beast, you need to make use of various weapons like the cannon, for example, that is located around the battle area. Apart from that, your aim should focus on two of Fatalis’ weak spots, which is the head and chest.

In addition, you must make use of two of the most important weapons in the game, which are the heavy artillery and the roaming machine gun ballista. Taking down the legendary beast will provide you with the needed materials that you can use to craft a variety of weapons.


Monster Hunter World Artemis
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New Update in Monster Hunter: World

Fatalis marks the end of free content updates. However, it does not mean that Capcom is done providing updates for their iconic game. In fact, Capcom unleashed another content update on the first week of December called update ver. 15.10.00. The new update that went live on December 4, 2020, is a major title update that initiated the beginning of the Artemis Monster Hunter Movie Quest. The patch also includes various in-game adjustments and bug fixes. Now, these are great news for those who experienced a couple of issues after the last update.

One of the issues fixed by the update involves the quests The Black Dragon and Fade to Black, wherein guest players are not able to go back to camp. Another issue is when Fatalis does not take damage nor is affected by the claw attack of the clutch. In addition, Fatalis, at this state, is not affected by heavy weapons, sleep, and paralysis. In other words, the legendary dragon is invincible. Nonetheless, the issue is now fixed and Monster Hunter World is once again teeming with hunters and monsters.