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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cast – The Confirmed & Rumored Cast


The success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order paved the way for the sequel game to happen. And as the latest game nears its targeted launch date, we’re also beginning to see the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cast, as well as characters we can expect to see. So far, the list is showing that we’ll have a stacked cast for this latest Star Wars game.

And in this article, we’ll look at the already confirmed Star Wars Jedi cast and their respective roles. We’ll also look at any cast or characters that could also make their appearance in the action-adventure game.

The Confirmed Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cast

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will see the return of old faces as well as the appearance of new faces. And in this section, we’ll look at the confirmed Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters and the respective actors who’ll voice them.

Cameron Monaghan – Cal Kestis

One of the first confirmed Jedi Survivor characters is Cameron Monaghan, who will assume his role as Cal Kestis. It’s a no-brainer since the new Star Wars game will continue the story of the Jedi apprentice Cal. But this time, he’s a more seasoned Jedi and can already be considered a Jedi Knight. He is also now a commanding force in the resistance in their battle against the Galactic Empire. Fans will have a lot more to look forward to from Cameron since the game will also look deeper into Cal’s journey. Expect a lot of flashbacks from the character.

Cameron is not new to acting since he already acted in several films and TV shows. His latest, before getting the role of Cal Kestis, was playing both Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska in the TV series Gotham and as the voice of Superboy in The Death and Return of Superman.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis
Image Source: Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis


Debra Wilson – Cere Junda

The second confirmed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor cast member is Debra Wilson, who plays Cere Junda. It’s another no-brainer since Cere is the mentor of Cal Kestis. She’s the one who shaped and molded Cal into the Jedi that he is in the latest game. She’s like the Yoda to Luke Skywalker and will likely continue to play a huge role in Cal’s life in the latest Star Wars game.

Acting in video games is not new to the veteran who has already lent her voice to various video games. She lent her voice to prominent games like Need for Speed Unbound, God of War: Ragnarok, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and many more.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cere Junda


Noshir Dalal – Bode Akuna

A new character that has people excited about the latest game is Bode Akuna, who will be played by Noshir Dalal. The character is a good friend of Cal Kestis and will be an AI companion in many instances throughout the game. You can think of him as someone who’s in the mold of Poe Dameron to Rey and Han Solo to Luke.

As for Noshir, he is no stranger to lending his voice to video games since he has done it before. He was even a voice in another Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith, where he voiced Rass Ordo, among others. He also played as Kotallo in Horizon Forbidden West.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bode Akuna


Daniel Roebuck – Greez Dritus

Another character returning is Greez Driturs, played by Daniel Roebuck. Daniel Roebuck is a popular Star Wars Jedi Survivor actor and he returns as Greez Driturs with his ship, the Stinger Mantis. Though he didn’t appear in the trailer, his ship did, so it’s not unusual to think its pilot and captain will also appear. He is a friend of Cere Junda and had worked for her before. He is someone who seems to have a penchant for trouble, which is why it took a while for him and Cal to meet eye-to-eye. But by the end Greez showed that cared.

Daniel is a veteran actor, having appeared in many movies and TV shows before. He may not have appeared in many video game acting before, but he played Greez well, evident in the character being of the popular ones in Fallen Order.

Star Wars Fallen Order Greez Dritus
Image Source: Star Wars Fallen Order Greez Dritus


Tina Ivlev – Nightsister Merrin

The last confirmed Star Wars Jed: Survivor cast member is Tina Ivlev, who will reprise her role as Nightsister Merrin. It took a while for her character to be loved, but by the end, players started to see how valuable she is as an ally. She also didn’t appear in the trailer, but as part of Cal’s crew, it’s unlikely she’ll sit this game out. Merrin is also a potential love interest for the hero, so we’ll see if that dynamic will be explored further in the game.

Tina Ivlev is a well-known actress, especially in TV series where she guested in many series like 9-1-1, The Rookie, Shameless, and more. She was also a regular on the series The Young and the Restless.

Star Wars Fallen Order Nightsister Merrin
Image Source: Star Wars Fallen Order Nightsister Merrin


Other Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cast that are Likely to Appear

Aside from the confirmed characters, there are also other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor characters that will likely appear in the game. Though the cast of these characters is not yet confirmed, we can guess some of them.

BD-1 – Ben Burtt (Possible Actor)

A confirmed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor character is BD-1. It’s the cute robot that accompanied Cal on his journey in Fallen Order. BD-1 continues the Star Wars tradition of having cute and lovable robots accompany the main characters in the game. Ben Burtt played BD-1 in Fallen Order, so there’s a possibility he will reprise the role for Survivor.

Star Wars Fallen Order BD-1
Image Source: Star Wars Fallen Order BD-1



Another character that is confirmed to appear in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is Rayvis. He is another new character that appeared in the game’s trailer. Though not much information has been shared about the hulking character, he is likely an antagonist or one of the bosses you’ll deal with. He was seen in the trailer instructing one of his henchmen to kill Cal Kestis. There’s no official announcement yet on who will voice him.

Star Wars Fallen Order Rayvis


Grand Inquisitor

Though this character has yet to be shown in the trailer or announced, his name was mentioned in Fallen Order. He might finally show himself or at least his voice becomes heard in the game.

Star Wars Fallen Order Grand Inquisitor
Image Source: Star Wars Rebels Wiki The Grand Inquisitor


More Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cast & Characters Being Announced Soon

There are likely going to be more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor cast and characters that the devs will announce soon. But for now, the ones listed above are the ones that are sure to appear in this Star Wars game. So if you want to catch the latest news or updates, make sure to stay tuned only here on PlayPC.

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