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Star Wars Games You Should Be Playing Right Now


It is an undeniable truth that Star Wars is always a dominating trend. As a movie series that began in 1977, it became a hype that extended to every aspect of pop culture even today. Soon, they also entered the gaming industry. With its unique charm ever since its movie era that captivates star wars fans turned gamers, it invites curiosity and excitement. Of course, this is not only possible just because of its light sabers and special effects. As of today, a variety of video games inspired by Star Wars movies have been made for all enthusiasts.

Another quality that makes it distinct is the variations of developers’ concepts for their Star Wars games. With the first of its kind created a year later after the production of Star Wars: A New Hope in US theaters in 1977. It was released as an unlicensed game called Star Wars by Apple Computer. Since then, it became a bedrock of a war game concept that runs the following Star Wars gameplay you can still play today. It creates a fixture for the developers to make improvements as multiple video games publishers want to to take inspiration from the movie franchise.

Electic Battle Star Wars
Image Source: Star Wars – Electronic Battle Command 

Surely, the first licensed “Star Wars” video game was released in 1979—just a few years after the first movie. Known as “Electronic Battle Command”, it shows X-Wing starfighter jet and Luke Skywalker as the game’s main protagonist. The game’s standalone hardware also showed Princess Leia. The downside of the game however is that it didn’t have much to do with original Star Wars. Rather, it is about avoiding black holes with the goal of locating the “Force Giving Star”.

Selected Star Wars Games that Suits Your Appetite

The battle between light and darkness is the central part of the Star Wars story. This and such extends to the realm of its video games. Nowadays, several Star Wars Games are still dominating the gaming world. If you are a long-time fan of the Star Wars series and would like to explore any of the gameplays, here are some of the most popular games so far.

1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

If you already watched “The Force Awakens”, you may be struck by hearing Starkiller. Released in 2008, Starkiller was a personification of a new level of Star Wars lunatic that we never expected to see. And this did not go along with the author’s canon. In addition, the first level of the game exhibits Darth Vader chopping down and strangling Wookiees. That was done with the savagery we’d hear about but never seen on the big screen—fortunately.

Later in the game, Starkiller became an outcast pondering life’s meaning. He eventually gives in to the light despite being fully trained by the ways of darkness. As he integrates his knowledge from both sides, he becomes one of the most powerful Jedi.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

LucasArts, the video game developer behind the game, has channeled their abilities in a great gameplay package that balances being badass and being fun. Moreover, even with its exaggerated action, The Force Unleashed maintains a thrilling journey for Star Wars enthusiasts.

2. Star Wars: Rogue Leader

If you are a fan of the Star Wars sequel, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, you have probably heard of this action game. Star Wars: Rogue Leader was a system seller when it was released as a launch title for Nintendo’s GameCube. It pays respect to the Star Wars classics that give fans content to soak up. In addition, Rogue Leader boasts remarkable gameplay improvements. One of them is the enhanced artificial intelligence of TIE fighters.

Star Wars Rogue Leader


3. Star Wars Battlefront II

Released by Pandemic Studios, this game brings the Star Wars experience with Hasbro Star Wars toys. You can select a wide variety of vehicles, heroes, troopers, and villains to strike on the battlefield. In addition, a more fully-featured single-player campaign depicts Vader’s treasured 501st Legion in action. It is a good amount of fun even though it bears little resemblance to the Star Wars narrative.

Star Wars Battlefront II


4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Released by Bioware, this RPG boasts a gameplay that lets you choose between the side of light or darkness. In this game, you need to choose whether to be a feared Sith Lord or a virtuous Jedi. The line between these two camps is frequently muddled, making you confused and making decisions difficult. Will you sacrifice one character for the better good of the galaxy or let your connection dominate your decision?

Moreover, BioWare does an excellent job by relating it to some mysterious aspects of the films. The larger part of the game stimulates a sensation through journeying to the unknown. It also gives you satisfying glimpses of legends we always want to know. Some of which are the origins of the Sith and some very mysterious locations.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


The Star Wars Game Journey Continues

The Star Wars games mentioned above are just a fraction of the overall. There are several video games out there that lend their gameplay to the legendary movie as well. Some of them show graphics that resembled the original plot of the storyline. While there are also some video games that only have borrowed details from the franchise. But these descriptions only show how interesting the Star Wars story is. You can anticipate that more and better video games related to it will be developed in the future.

So, if you’re already playing one of these popular video games, prepare for an exhilarating gameplay. But if you are a newcomer to any of the games mentioned above, it’s about time to explore the immersive action. Explore the vastness of the virtual galaxy and know some of the greatest Jedi in the game. If you are curious about more updates related to Star Wars games, stay tuned in here on PlayPC!