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Diablo Immortal Review – Is This Multiplayer RPG Worth Playing?


Killing monsters is always the main action in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo game franchise. This multiplayer online role-playing game’s intense combat is sure to send chills to every player. Just seeing the spine-breaking power punches and fast-paced way to eliminate monsters is so satisfying. These, plus a lot more are some of the strongest attributes you can enjoy in the game.

Many past gamers already testified to the excitement this game provides. Evidence of this is how it was able to draw a comparison to other similar ARPG games when it comes to its features and overall gameplay experience. However, Diablo’s biggest assurance is it is still one of the purest games and the staple choice among ARPG players. However, if you want to amplify the challenges offered by past versions of Diablo, take this offer and play the latest version of Diablo series, the Diablo Immortal.

“Diablo Immortal is not simply the Diablo 3 on your phone.”

This is the statement of Rod Ferguson, Diablo’s General Manager and the person overseeing the development of Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series. His statement offers gamers an assurance that this game is extraordinary. Well, such a statement is always the case if you are involved in the creation of something you sell. But this is not always the case, especially for players who patiently waited for the game. So, if you need some feedback if the game is worth playing (from a player’s perspective), here are some of the views about Diablo Immortal.

Does It Have Polished Controls?

When it comes to touch controls, Diablo Immortal’s game interface boasts friendly controls. You can do twin-stick shooter-style, with the option to move your character and aim skills individually. It is not a perfect maneuver through your mouse and keyboard, but it sticks very well. In the game, it is easy to dominate combat encounters with primary attacks and assigned skills. Additionally, the auto-target is an amazing inclusion that enables you to back away easily. The catch is you can back away while still holding the attack button at the same time.
Diablo Imortal game

Diablo Immortal also allows you to use the controllers easily in the game. You can use the right thumbstick alongside the shoulder buttons. But the downside of this is that the outdated navigating menus are not compatible with the controller. The overall experience of the touch controls is good, especially for wider screen devices.

In addition, mouse and keyboard controls are also available for PC gaming. Though these controls are still being improved, personally, it still doesn’t have a similar acceptance as touch controls.

The Gameplay Experience

Before you can play online with friends, you must first complete Wortham’s tutorial zone in Diablo Immortal. This is a quick process especially if you follow the instructions for tricks and level up faster. Later in the game, you will reach a town and speak to Deckard Cain. You will then gain access to online features with other players.

In the game, you will enter the dark realm of Sanctuary. This is where the excitement begins with Diablo Immortal because you will finally join forces with other players. If you have experience in playing an online role-playing game, it gives you an advantage in the game.
Diablo Imortal fighting

Your goal is to gather the broken bits of the corrupted Worldstone and stop the Lord of Terror from returning. And that is not only where the excitement begins. The game’s endless combats revitalize every boredom you feel.

So, What About In-Game Purchases?

It is a common question among role-playing game players if a game is a pay-to-win game. Diablo Immortal is no exception to this question. Initially, this game is free to play. The campaign, dungeons, raids, PvP, and future content, such as additional classes, are all free. So, where should the players play in the game? The answer lies in microtransactions, and this game’s microtransaction currency is called Eternal Orbs. However, this currency cannot be obtained through gameplay. You need to spend real money to obtain them.

There are however ways to avoid microtransactions. The game offers options that will, in win-lose terms, alleviate your accumulation overpay. You will be given the option of not spending real money. Instead, you can then try to acquire aesthetic armor and weapon appearances.

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One good one-time payment is for “Boon of Plenty”. This purchase allows you to subscribe to a 30-day membership for $10. It gives you more inventory space. It also bestows you 300 Eternal Orbs and Legendary Crests to power up Elder Rifts.

Still, the tradeoff between avoiding microtransactions and allowing it will favor the latter. When you are near the end of the game, things become rougher. You will then get more limited access to Legendary Crest and other items. Rare items will still be provided if you keep on avoiding paying a single buck. However, this will only slow you down to advance your character. Other than that, Legendary Crests are hard to get. It takes time and resources to gather and craft them. So, it requires real money to speed it up.

Immortal Artistry

This is the only part that players come to play in consensus. The game boils down to the graphic concept of a Scandinavian aura. The gameplay vantage also manifests an exceptional fast-paced battle that lets you feel exhilarated. The mood and atmosphere drive the overall description of the underlying art. Even if they’re mostly explosive to see, the surprisingly diverse collection of monsters and demons looks great in action.

Diablo Imortal Graphics


What you will also love about this game is its detailed portrait during dialogues. But that is only a gameplay-level observation. The technical level of the game has various issues. Some of its problems are in pre-launch build, bugged map, and dungeon screens. Though this also coincides with the overblown voice acting, the graphics may outpace the technical difficulties of the game, for some.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Even though this is a detailed review, this is just a glimpse of what the game is all about. The game is still getting more reviews and there are perhaps more developments that have been implemented in the game for the better. Let’s say that the monetization aspect of the game is a money grabber. But there are other hacks that players can try to win in the game.

Overall, the game has good art, fast-paced combative gameplay, and friendly touch controls. Some aspects of the game can make you disappointed, especially character progression which can be hindered by in-game purchases. This is not a good indication of a play-to-free game. But it does not mean that the game is bad overall. There will be progressions in the learning curve that you need to adapt to. Let’s hope that the game will have better updates in the future. For more updates regarding this game, stay tuned here in PlayPC!