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Nioh 2 PC Review Consensus – Another Day, Another Punishment


Team Ninja’s sequel to their highly acclaimed and highly punishing game Nioh has finally arrived on PC. Nioh 2 promises the same if not even more punishing gameplay structure hardcore gamers loved in the first game. On top of the frustratingly tricky gameplay is a highly complex world packed with memorable characters brilliantly conceived by Team Ninja.

A complete edition of Nioh 2 launched on the PC similar to its predecessor. Complete edition means that the game includes all the digital content featured in the console version. That includes all three of the previously launched expansion packs for the game. The exclusive Steam bonus is given to players free of charge and the limited time bonus in the first two weeks of the game’s launch.

These features plus Full Mouse & Keyboard customization, Gamepad compatibility, 4K Ultra HD Support, Ultra-wide screen compatibility, HDR & 144Hz monitor support, and Consistent 60/120 FPS on monitors that support the feature. As impressive as those features may be, a perfect game is yet to exist in the industry, which is why we sometimes rely on hardcore players’ and journalists’ opinions before making the purchase.


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What Critics Say About Nioh 2

Nioh 2, as per review aggregator Metacritic scored an impressive 84 made up of 21 positives and two mixed reactions from 23 critics. Nioh2’ss accolades hail from its excellent level design, enhanced combat, customization, expanded content, and co-op capabilities. This reason is what a player would expect from a sequel-prequel. Coming from critics, the game is nearly flawless, or so it seems.

What Players Say About Nioh 2

Nioh 2, coming from its audience, is not as impressive as what the critics say. Although considered an unreliable tab, the user review section is where the game’s relevant faults pop out. With that, one of the most voted issues surrounding the game hails from its unusual control mappings on the PC, which according to players, is PS4-focused. In other words, you need a PS4 controller to execute some of the character’s moves.

As if the controls were not bad enough, the game also suffers from frame rate drops. This point contradicts one of the game’s main selling points. Other than those two, the game is still best on Steam with 77% of the 5,346 player reviews being positive. The same point goes to Metacritic, wherein the game has 180 positive, 48 mixed, and 67 adverse reactions.


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Nioh 2 In a Nutshell

All in all, Nioh 2 is a game that comes with specific requirements. One such requirement is a controller or a PS4 controller. For the most part, most of the players with a powerful rig were able to take advantage of the game’s full visual settings. Team Ninja also informed the public that they are working on patches for other known issues.

In terms of difficulty, Nioh 2 is anything but easy as this installment is more punishing than the first installment. To that end, if you happen to have a controller lying around , then, Nioh 2 is best to try. The game’s Complete Edition is currently available on Steam for $50/£40.