Hitman 2: A brief review and overview of Hitman 2 features


Hitman is, by far, one of the most iconic franchises when it comes to assassination games. This stealth assassination game since its inception has been through multiple platforms, let alone sequels in various platforms. However, what makes the game one of the best in the gaming industry is the passion behind the people in charge of its development. As much as we want to dwell in the game’s two decades of existence, that is a story for another time. Today, however, we will take a quick look at the second entry to the 2016 remake of the game; Hitman 2.


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If you are new to the franchise, the 2016 Hitman remake features an episodic take on the game. Unlike the previous versions, Hitman 2016 contains six episodes that take place six years after the events of Hitman Absolution. Hitman 2016 provides players with various methods of assassination, not to mention bigger maps and regular events. These features were carried over to Hitman 2 plus more. Do take note that Hitman 2 is the first entry in the remake published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. That’s right after IO Interactive acquired the rights of the franchise from Square Enix in 2018.

With that out of the way, let’s take a brief look at some of the elements that make Hitman 2 one of the most iconic titles in the stealth assassination genre.


Expansive Level Design

One of the most exciting features in Hitman 2 is the vast level design. Like its predecessor, Hitman 2 comes with overwhelming sandbox levels that provide players with everything he needs to execute the target in style. Also, each episode or level comes populated with various NPCs and items that the player can interact with. As impressive as the Hitman 2’s level design may be, the most exciting part comes from the way each element is executed on each level.


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You see, the NPCs in the game are not just for show as most of them spew useful details and unique information that the player can use in his mission. Even better is that the NPCs in the game are more intelligent compared to the previous instalment. Nevertheless, the execution of this feature is not without flaws as the game also comes with NPCs that only serve as fillers for a particular scenario.


Hitman 2: Immersive Missions

To take advantage of the expansive level designs, IO Interactive made sure that the game also came with some of the most immersive assassination missions in gaming. Unlike the old school Hitman games, the episodic presentation of Hitman 2 allowed the developers to integrate a wide selection of tasks. These missions come with unique rewards and achievements.
Hitman 2 features eight episodes set in various fictional locations based on real-world cities. Although the episodic presentation is not favourable to some players, IO Interactive did a great job in the development of each episode. Not to mention that the developers were able to retain one of the most sought out features in the game, which is the time-limited “Elusive Targets” missions featuring iconic actors from movies.


Overwhelming Arsenal and Well Designed Costumes

Agent 47’s arsenal is one of the main elements that make the Hitman franchise a success. There is something authentic about having to carry agent 47’s case on a mission. IO Interactive, on the other hand, has taken this to another level. It happens by giving players the freedom to innovate on their methods of execution. This means that you can go to a mission empty-handed or with your signature cases.
From the signature red tie to the traditional white Yukata, Hitman 2 has all the right threads to help you execute your targets in style.


Hitman 2 Overall Review

Hitman 2 is not in any way a perfect game or sequel. The game, for the most part, requires polishing in some areas. However, this does not reduce the replayability of the game. If you are new or a veteran fan of the assassination or stealth genre, you will enjoy walking through each of the levels in this game. Hitman 2 may not be as aesthetically superior compared to other AAA games. But it sure does deliver an exciting platform you can visit over and over again.


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With the announcement of Hitman 3, IO Interactive plans to import some of these exciting features in the upcoming sequel. The most exciting part, however, is the addition of new features. One of which is the player’s ability to import maps and progress to the upcoming game. That said, playing the game now will definitely give you an advantage! So, by the time the next sequel launches for the next-gen, you will surely be an expert into it.