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Is Nier: Automata More Difficult Than Other RPGs?


When talking about RPGs, oftentimes images of characters clad in armor and wielding huge weapons setting out on a journey on a fantastical land come to mind. Nier: Automata, one of Platinum Games’ popular titles to date, takes a stab at these classic RPG tropes. They created a vastly unique world that is driven by a compelling narrative on top of fast-paced action-filled gameplay.

But, does this mean that Nier: Automata is a difficult game for those who want to play a different kind of RPG? Let’s take a closer look.

Blades, Bullets, & Robots

Nier: Automata is set in the distant future where humanity has been completely wiped out following a catastrophic war that saw the invasion of machines from a different world. The last remaining humans hold resistance against the machines by establishing an army of android soldiers to help reclaim the world that was ravaged by the otherworldly machines.

The game’s story from the onset feels like your typical android-robot-beat-em-up narrative, but as you progress through the game, you will uncover various plot points and secrets that will turn the narrative over its head. These in-game moments are best left to be experienced for yourselves, so we will not discuss it further here. But you owe it to yourself to see how the story unfolds because it touches on deep subjects such as what it means to be human, free will, and other philosophical ideologies. 

Difficult or Easy?

Some people would argue that the game is difficult, but RPGs, in general, are created to be such. If the game is easy, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge for most of the talented gamers out there. Surely, the boss battles are quite hard and intense, and the storyline can be depressing, but the game’s simple-to-understand gameplay makes it easier to play. If you want to learn some guides on how to properly play Nier: Automata, just read about the features of the game below.


Nier Automata Blade Fight


Interesting Narrative, Fast-Paced Gameplay 

Players control the androids 2B, 9S, and A2. They specialize in dealing with the machine menace by way of wielding an assortment of melee weapons as well as the ability to hack into some of their systems. From the onset, Nier: Automata’s post-apocalyptic setting immediately thrusts and captures your attention–you come to see the Earth as a desolate wasteland complete with crumbling skyscrapers, rusted vehicles, and cityscapes overrun by vegetation and rampaging hulking machines.

Nier: Automata’s gameplay is fast-paced and has a hack-and-slash kind of controls from the onset. You start with two different types of weapons – one for light attacks, and another for heavy attacks. You are also accompanied by a drone that provides projectile attacks for ranged support. 2B, 9S, and A2 have different combat styles. For example, 2B is a well-balanced fighter that can dish out hard-hitting combos. Meanwhile, 9S prefers ranged attacks and hacking to dispatch enemies. Finally, A2 relies on sheer strength and wields powerful attacks at the expense of low defenses.

Defend & Attack

Unlike traditional RPGs where combat is turn-based, Nier: Automata constantly tests how well you can dodge opponents’ attacks while hitting them back simultaneously. Most of the time, you will be swamped by tons of enemies on screen. You can either run away and take them out one at a time to thin them out or swing away with your weapon to your heart’s content.

The blades and bullets gameplay might take newer players off guard, but once you have settled with the controls, the combat feels polished. The hits feel hefty, especially when you manage to demolish dozens of machines.

The Bigger they Are…

As far as boss battles are concerned, you can expect to have epic ones in Nier: Automata. Since you are taking on machines of various sizes, as you progress through the game, you will tackle larger than life bosses. This will test how well you have mastered dodging attacks and your weapons.


Nier Automata Machine Fight


Boss battles range from taking out towering machine contraptions to going toe-to-toe against deadly fast opposition. The first few times you will encounter such boss fights, you will be amazed by its design only to then get snapped back to reality when it hits you for tons of damage. You will have to recognize attack patterns quickly to see openings where you can smash them for decent damage. 

In the latter stages, the bosses become more complex, and you will have to deal with their gimmicks and punish them accordingly. The feeling of taking down such bosses gives a different kind of rush, since you know it took your precise skills and timing to beat them.

Nier: Automata is One of the Best RPG

So, how does Nier: Automata stack up against the other Action RPGs? It stacks up pretty well. A highly compelling story, crisp and deliberate gameplay on top of awesome visuals, and a masterful musical soundtrack make Nier: Automata one of the best action RPGs to date. If you have the chance to play it, do so. You will not regret it!