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Garrison Archangel: Create Your Own Mech for Battles


Are you itching for a robot fighting game that lets you build and customize your mech to suit your liking and playstyle? How about testing out your mech against other players in thrilling one-on-one or even multiplayer battles? If you said yes to these, you need to try Garrison Archangel.

Created by Indigo Entertainment, this title allows you to construct different kinds of robots and outfit them with various weapons that you will use to beat and destroy the opposition. Let us dive a bit deeper into the game and see why this robot brawling title is something you have to try.

Brutally Efficient by Design

One of the main draws of Garrison Archangel is your ability to build your very own mech. You can start by deciding what kind of armor and build type your mech will be alongside what kinds of weapons it will be outfitted with. These decisions will effectively create your mech’s playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses.


Garrison Archangel Custom


For example, designing a mech that has relatively light armor and arming it with bladed weapons will allow you to move around the battlefield at a faster rate compared to mechs that have bulkier armor. The melee weapons will also mean that this mech will excel in close-quarter combats. Plus, this weapon will enable the mech to be nimble enough to dash in and out while taking out chunks of the opposing player’s mech. However, this also means that your light armor will leave your mech susceptible. It can be damaged pretty badly if ever it gets a direct hit from enemies.

Progressing through the game’s Mission and Arcade modes will allow you to access more weapons and armor upgrades. You can accessorize your mech with jet boosters, armor layer options, and more powerful armaments to help you vanquish your foes. You can also build a lot of different mechs that are equipped with an assortment of weapons and armor that would fit a specific playstyle.

Epic Robot Battles Await in Garrison Archangel

Speaking of battles, Garrison Archangel gives players fast-paced mech-on-mech action. Depending on how you have tweaked and equipped your mech, you can control your mech in any way you want. You can either blitz around the battlefield towards or away from your enemy while lining up for a swing with your melee weapon. Or you can also keep a good distance with your beam gun, rifles, or homing rockets.


Garrison Archangel Fight


The game plays are much like a standard mech fighting game where certain attacks are more effective in particular situations. Melee attacks are better when you get in close range since they also reduce your opponent’s shield batteries. However, they can be blocked by physical shields that would leave you open for counterattacks.

Meanwhile, ranged weapons are good when you are trying to zone out your enemy, or when their shields are down. Direct hits with ranged weapons might also cause some damage to the enemy mech’s attached armaments. Their boosters may hamper their mobility for a short duration. That said, ranged attacks have a slight wind up. Oftentimes you will have to aim your guns at your enemy to try to hit them. If they avoid your projectiles, you are left vulnerable for a couple of ticks.

Different Modes, Different Playstyle

This is where the fighting game mechanics come in. You will have to outwit and out-will your enemies to force them into making mistakes while you strike at them to lower down their shields. Once they are left open, make the most out of that time to hit them hard and land devastating combos.

As you clear levels in Mission and Arcade Modes, you will come across certain mechs and weapon load-outs that might pique your interest. After defeating them, you can try out their equipment and see if they match your playstyle. You can check out if they are able to handle a battle better than the equipment you currently have. This can also be used during Multiplayer modes where you can experience a variety of mech builds.

Overall, Garrison Archangel is a thrilling robot fighting game that is worth checking out if you are a fan of mechs bashing other mechs. On the other hand, if tinkering and building your own personal robot to combat other players tickle your fancy, then this game is for you as well.