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Code Vein Weapons – The Game’s Top Five Best Weapons


When it comes to RPG battles that bring you an apocalyptic scene, Code Vein is the best game of choice. You can play this battle RPG on PlayStation 4 and 5, and it offers you intense fights that become more heightened by terrific characters. Add to that intensity are the excellent graphics that make the game not just an ordinary PC game. It’s a story of the near future where heroes are thriving to save the world from invasive monsters. So knowing the best Code Vein Weapons is essential in your gameplay.

Dynamic RPG battles don’t become that exciting without the existence of the best weapons. Like these RPG games, Code Vein boasts a list of powerful weapons you will like. Its publisher, Bandai Namco, is arguably a genius in creating these weapons in this game. But not all weapons are equal in a manner of effectiveness and killing abilities. Each has to be learned for the player to know its efficiency in killing bosses while playing.

In this article, we want to present you with a guide on knowing each of the top five best weapons. Even though it does not provide you with in-depth explanations about these weapons, it, however, gives you clues. There are some parts of the gameplay where you have to need some of these weapons to be efficient. If you want to know about these top weapons, let’s dive directly into knowing each one of them.

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The Top Five Code Vein Weapons You Should Know

Below are five of the best weapons you can use in Code Vein;

5 – Burned Warhammer

Burned Warhammer is one of the most valued weapons in Code Vein. It’s shown as a two-handed hammer with the power to execute fire damage in addition to the physical one. What makes this weapon so useful is there are enemies in the game who have weaknesses to fire damage. Furthermore, this weapon requires you to have C+ in strength and also a D in mind to wield. You can find these in the City of the Falling Flame and can be bought from Ren Musarame.

4 – Black Halberd

The Black Halberd is known to be a stronger halberd that makes your enemies don’t go near you. Its power lies in executing attacks on enemies and hitting them only at once. If you have this weapon, you’re owning one of the best halberd weapons provided in the game. This weapon requires you to have an E in strength, a B in dexterity, and a D in mind. Moreover, it has a scythe-like head blade designed to cut the heads of the lost.

Acquiring this powerful weapon is not that easy while playing the game. You can only acquire this if you’re lucky to spot it in one place. In the game, it’s dropped by a Lost Knight from the City of the Falling Flame. Similarly, you can find the Black Halberd venom in the Depths: Rocky Ruins. However, you can also buy them from Rin Musarame while you are playing the game.

3 – Libertador

As one of the most powerful weapons, it’s a bayonet that can execute a very powerful punch. Even though bayonets are one of the unpopular options in Code Vein, Libertador makes an exception. It’s primarily because of its ability to execute attacks that can inflict considerable damage to the enemies. The weapon requires you to have a D in dexterity, a C in mind, and a C in willpower.

In the game, Libertador is a bayonet used by Eva who is the crypt watcher. This weapon is offered to her by her partner named Jack to prove his loyalty to her. Its advantage is that it has a custom gift trigger that can fire seeking bullets at the enemies. Not just that, but it has tremendous power to wipe out enemies not present in other weapons in the game.

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2 – Enduring Crimson

Enduring Crimson is arguably the best one-handed weapon in Code Vein. This weapon is obtained for trading fifty points from Luis who is the signature owner of this weapon. It boasts a considerable amount of damage to your enemies in a quicker way. You can find the weapon while fighting the enemies and some terrific bosses in the game. It can also be given as a reward by completing quests provided by NPCs.

In the game, the weapon’s Physical Damage is shown by the Base Damage and the Scaling Damage. However, the Scaling Damage is based differently related to your Character Level. Therefore, making the weapon a reliable tool to execute heavy damage to your monstrous enemies. Having it in the game is such a real deal for you to advance efficiently.

1 – The Sweihander

If you’re an experienced player reading this, then you might have used this as a heal-of-a-deal type of weapon. The Sweihander is known as the best two-handed weapon in Code Vein so far. Not just that, but it’s also the best of all weapons in the entire game. This weapon is known to be slower than the Enduring Crimson but much stronger. It’s because it can deal a lot of damage and can allow you to compensate for it.

The weapon requires you to have a strength of C to use, and it weighs 87. Sweihandler can be found in places such as Ruined City Center and the Depths: Town of Sacrifice. Furthermore, you can purchase this powerful weapon from Rin Musarame. Having this weapon in the game can help you to have the advantage of eliminating your enemies.

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Choose the Best Code Vein Weapons

Now that you already know the best weapons to choose from in Code Vein, it’s time to put them to test. If you’re a new player, the weapons discussed above can provide you with a guide to using them. However, it still boils down to your attentiveness while playing this action-packed game. After all, you still need to earn some of the weapons as you progress and that takes your attention.

But if you’re waiting for more chunks of facts to absorb from this game, there are still more of them. For more updates in the future about this amazing game, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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