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Elden Ring Arcane Weapons – Six of the Best Weapons for Arcane Build


Elden Ring includes a stat called arcane. The term “stats” refers to a variety of characteristics that control the protagonist’s strengths and weaknesses as well as how interaction in and out of combat affects them. Arcane largely affects the Discovery stat, raising the possibility of discovering items when taking down adversaries. Arcane is also applied to armaments that correlate with the Arcane statistic to increase the potency and damage of specific Spells.

It is one of the eight major traits that players can level up by investing runes in. Therefore, increasing the stat’s potency with an impact on the players’ relative secondary stats. In Elden Ring, stats like Arcane are crucial to character development. With that said, let’s take a quick look at six of the best Arcane weapons that you will find in the game.

The Top 6 Elden Ring Arcane Weapons You Should Use to Raise Your Arcane Stats

Below are six of the best Arcane weapons you’ll get to use in Elden RIng;

Rivers Of Blood

Without a question, the Rivers of Blood Katana is the greatest arcane weapon for both PvE and PvP. The potent Weapon Skill, “Corpse Piler,” is one of the factors that contribute to this weapon’s popularity with gamers. Large blood streaks are produced by this talent, and they deal Blood Loss Pile Up while doing severe damage to nearby foes and players.

Furthermore, because it is a Katana, every strike may be executed in rapid succession, giving opponents or players extremely little time to defend themselves. After fighting the Fire Giant, players who desire to wield this weapon must obtain it before going to the Forge of the Giants.

elden ring Rivers Of Blood


Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Elden Ring’s Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear is a type of Great Spear weapon. The main scaling factors for Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear are Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane. It damages throughFire. Before Elden Ring’s most recent 1.03 patch, players can easily skip the major encounter of Mohg, Lord of Blood at Mohgwyn Palace. However, when it was applied, players found they would have to face him head-on, which is difficult. But in order to use the potent Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear, gamers will have to fight their fear and approach him.

Even without employing Somber Smithing Stones, this Great Spear deals an absurd quantity of Blood Loss Build Volume (+73), in addition to its primary damage type of Fire Damage. Additionally, the Great Spear’s Weapon Skill imbues this one with Bloodflame, which would instantly dispatch an adversary or player.

elden ring Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear


Marais Executioner’s Sword

Elden Ring’s Marais Executioner’s Sword is a type of greatsword armament. For melee users who want to employ a corkscrew attack, the Marais Executioner’s Sword is a useful weapon because it scales largely with Strength and Arcane. Greatsword-type weapons are uncommon in the Arcane category because they hit slowly and forcefully and aren’t the best at activating status effects. Additionally, the primary scaling factor for this weapon is Strength, with Arcane coming in second. The Shaded Castle’s primary boss, Elemer of the Briar, in the Atlus Plateau zone, drops the Marais Executioner’s Sword.

This weapon can now be significantly more lethal than it originally could because the Arcane scaling was finally addressed in the most recent patch. This sword is transformed into a ranged drill by the Eochaid’s Dancing Blade special ability, which deals constant damage over time and ends with the last slash. Fill the sword with power and then launch it forward in a corkscrew motion. The blade spins violently and continues to inflict damage. Charge the assault to extend the spin’s range and duration.

The Arcane and strength stats determine how much damage is dealt. But anything that gives this weapon a greater attack rating causes its damage to soar.

elden ring Marais Executioner’s Sword


Dragon Communion Seal

The Dragon Communion Seal is one of the Sacred Seals in the game. For casters who specialize in Dragon Communion Incantations, the Dragon Communion Seal is a good weapon because it correlates largely with Faith and Arcane. This Seal is primarily used to increase the strength of all Dragon Communion incantations by 15% and to speed up the development of their additional effects.

These effects include the development of Scarlet Rot and Frost by Ekzyke’s Decay and Borealis’ Breath, respectively, with Faith-based scaling for damage and Arcane-based scaling for development rate. The Sacred Seal also enables users to employ all of their Dragon Communion incantations, resulting in a potent Dragon Communion Caster construct.

elden ring Dragon Communion Seal



Players have access to the blood-spattered Reduvia rather early on in the game. It’s situated at Limgrave, the Elden Ring’s beginning point. Players that purchase Reduvia as soon as possible and upgrade it may end up utilizing it throughout the entire playthrough. Reduvia Blood Blade makes up for its lack of reach. It’s a a special ability of this little dagger that releases a blood blade at adversaries.

By using this blood blade, you can do tremendous amounts of destruction without even being close to your opponents. It’s a fantastic weapon, and if it didn’t have such a limited range, it would rank much higher. The Reduvia may be found in Limgrave’s northernmost section. When the lake turns north, just keep going. Nerjus with a bloody finger will appear. If you defeat them, you will obtain Reduvia.

The Reduvia is a potent arcane-scaling weapon that results in huge Blood Loss Build Up, making it ideal for players that love sneaking up on their enemies in Elden Ring, whether that be in PvP or PvE. A dagger’s restricted range notwithstanding, Reduvia Blood Blade’s special ability fires missiles that cause hemorrhage. Additionally, the Reduvia, when improved to +10, can result in a +87 Blood Loss Build Up every hit, which may instantly destroy most bosses.

elden ring Reduvia


Elenora’s Poleblade

In Elden Ring, you’ll frequently encounter some bad outcomes to the assignments you’re assigned. However, they frequently also offer huge benefits. Elenora’s Poleblade is one of them. Only those who complete Yura Bloody Finger Hunter’s questline will be able to find it.

But the journey is worthwhile at every turn. The twin blade Elenora’s Poleblade has a moderate 55 bleed. Therefore, indicating that it has the ability to quickly cause blood loss in foes. With the use of its unique ability, Bloodblade Dance, players can perform a series of deadly attacks. It will make the last attack before knocking the target backward. Players can make use of this to attack swiftly and get out of harm’s way.

elden ring Elenora’s Poleblade


Utilize the Best Elden Ring Arcane Weapons in the Game

If you want to experience a better gameplay in Elden Ring, some of these Arcane weapons may be of use to you. These will help you take down adversaries easier. But for more weapons list like this the this one and the Faith weapons list, make sure to keep your eyes peeled here in PlayPC.

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