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Elden Ring Strength Weapons – SIx of the Most Formidable Weapons


Elden Ring includes Strength as one of its Stats. The term “stats” refers to a variety of characteristics that control the protagonist’s strengths and weaknesses as well as how encounters in and out of combat affect them. A player’s ability to use Strength-based Armaments and the damage those weapons deal is mostly influenced by their strength. It’s one of the eight main traits that players can invest runes in to level up, boosting the stat’s potency and having an impact on its corresponding secondary stats. In Elden Ring, stats like Strength are crucial to character development.

The primary ability to use Strength-based Armaments is provided by the Main Attribute of Strength (STR) (Weapons). Additionally, it serves as the main variable that affects the damage that such weapons cause. Before a weapon in Elden Ring may be used, it must meet a minimum Stat requirement. The stats Strength or Dexterity, or a mix of both, must be invested in order to use the majority of weapons.

With that out of the way, today we will be taking an overview of the best strength-based weapons in the game and where to obtain them. So without further ado, let’s proceed to our list.

Six of the Best Elden Ring Strength Weapons

Below are six of the best strength-based weapons you can use in the game;

Axe of Godfrey – Strength requirement = 42

Another Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring is the Axe of Godfrey. The Axe of Godfrey is an effective weapon for powerful melee attacks because it scales largely with Strength and Dexterity. Boss weapons can be made utilizing the remains of fallen bosses, which is a feature that has been carried over from prior Souls games. Among those weapons, the Axe of Godfrey was made from Horah Loux’s Remembrance. It differs little from its counterpart in boss fights, unlike certain weapons.

This enormous weapon, a combat axe with a splintered blade, has an identical moveset to numerous other armaments in the same class, but with one important exception. As Godfrey did in his boss encounter, you use the weapon’s talent to hammer something down and unleash a huge shockwave that delivers enormous damage. This weapon is acquired by giving the Remembrance of Hoarah Loux to Enia at Roundtable Hold to open it.

elden ring Axe of Godfrey
Image Source: Axe of Godfrey


Falling Star Beast Jaw – Strength Requirement = 34

Elden Ring’s Fallingstar Beast Jaw is a colossal weapon with the appearance of a claw that delivers strike and pierce damage to enemies. The main draw of this weapon, though, will be Gravity Bolt, a special ability. When used, Gravity Bolt will conjure a thunderbolt that is armed with Gravity Sorcery and will descend on a single target. Gravity Bolt is incredibly useful for range combat because of its rapid succession casting ability. Investment in Dexterity and Strength enhances this skill’s physical damage, while Intelligence boosts its magical damage.

The weapon skill scales significantly poorer with Intelligence than it is with physical stats; it deals much more physical damage than magical damage. In Mount Gelmir, the fully grown Fallingstar Beast drops the Fallingstar Beast Jaw weapon.

elden ring Falling Star Beast Jaw


Ruins Greatsword – Strength requirement = 50

A legendary weapon in Elden Ring, the Ruins Greatsword deals tremendous physical and magical damage. By fighting Misbegotten Warrior and the Crucible Knight within Redmane Castle Plaza, one can obtain the Ruins Greatsword. Only prior to the festival OR after fighting Starscourge Radahn and finishing Witch-Hunter Jerren’s ensuing speech is when this boss fight becomes available.

The damage of the weapon skills called Wave of Destruction increases mostly as the weapon level increases. The smallest improvements in damage come from INT level rises while smaller increases come from STR level increases. Charged powerful attacks that strike the ground send off a brief blast of gravity magic. In addition to dealing more damage, this slam also stuns nearby adversaries. It uses more stamina than typical charged heavy attacks but doesn’t incur FP.

elden ring Ruins Greatsword


Dragon Halberd – Strength Requirement =22

Elden Ring’s Dragon Halberd is type of Halberd. The Dragon Halberd is a good weapon for users with strong dexterity builds who can use it to cut enemies while spinning because it scales largely with strength and dexterity. In addition to having a quick attack velocity and sweeping strikes for crowd control, the Dragon Halberd possesses a long reach. Spinning Slash, one of its weapon skills, stands out though.

The spin attack from using this ability is ordinary, but it also temporarily adds Frost as well as Lightning damage to the weapon’s existing physical damage. The boss of the Siofra River underground section, the semi-hidden Dragonkin Soldier, drops this weapon.

elden ring Dragon Halberd


Grafted Blade Greatsword – Strength Requirement =45

The Grafted Blade Greatsword bears a striking resemblance to the Game of Thrones Iron Throne. The boss at the Weeping Peninsula’s southernmost point must be eliminated in order to gain it. You might choose this weapon above other Strength-focused weapons because of the weapon skill Oath of Vengeance.

One of Elden Ring’s Colossal Swords with limited scaling in Dexterity, this Greatsword weights predominantly with Strength. This weapon was designed to defeat bigger creatures and enemies it comes into touch with thanks to its powerful collection of stats and special ability. Only a strong warrior should attempt to utilize this greatsword, and even then, they must have strong Strength scores.

The skill gives your character’s stats a five-point boost across the board for 30 seconds after activation. In order to sweeten the bargain even further, the buff increases your poise, which prevents opposing attacks from interfering with your own blows. This added benefit may easily tip a difficult battle your way.

elden ring Grafted Blade Greatsword


Giant-Crusher – Strength Requirement = 60

With good cause, the Giant-Crusher possesses Elden Ring’s highest Strength stat requirement. It has a very high potential for stagger against foes and is highly effective. Of course, the disadvantage is that if you fail with the weapon, you’ll be completely vulnerable to attacks. It’s particularly useful for blocking confined spaces thanks to its strong physical guard damage mitigation and guard enhancement. It’s a moot concern against most smaller enemies. It’s because they will frequently be destroyed in a single blow due to the weapon’s tremendous power.

However, it can be advantageous to eliminate any lower-level foes you encounter right away. The weapon’s location in the endgame area, near the Outside Wall Phantom Tree location of grace, is another drawback. However, New Game Plus is always an option, and there are also a lot of hidden regions you might have overlooked.

elden ring Giant-Crusher


Concluding the Elden Ring Strength Weapons Guides

Above are six of the best Strength weapons you can find in Elden Ring. These can aid you in defeating enemies better. But are you looking for more Elden Ring guides? If so, feel free to check out our Bosses and DEX weapons articles for more details.

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