Five of Elden Ring’s Best DEX Weapons


One of the major attributes of Elden Ring is dexterity. The term “stats” refers to several characteristics that control your hero’s weaknesses and strengths. The primary impact of dexterity on a player’s use of dexterity-based armor and weapons is on their damage output. It is one of the eight primary characteristics players can level up by investing runes in. These Elden Ring’s best dex weapons increase the stat’s potency and can impact players’ relative secondary stats. Character development in Elden Ring heavily relies on stats like Dexterity.

Before using a weapon in Elden Ring, you must meet its minimum Stat requirement. Most weapons demand either an investment in Strength or Dexterity or an amalgamation of both. The speed at which spells and incantations are cast is also influenced by dexterity. The spell speed marginally increases with each Dexterity point.

In Elden Ring, dexterity weapons rank among the most commonly used by players. The expansive flexibility these weapons provide is the primary reason for their popularity. Dexterity weapons greatly increase how quickly you can regularly take out bosses. With that said, today we will take a quick overview of five of the Elden Ring’s best DEX weapons.


In Elden Ring, the Scythe belongs to the Reaper class of weapons. The Scythe is a useful Weapon for dealing with Physical Damage and Blood Loss effect. It also scales largely with Strength and Dexterity. The Scythe scales perfectly with the player’s dexterity and deals severe physical damage. You can also enhance this weapon with additional damage types that swiftly accumulate blood loss. It has the same impact as a boss weapon, but you can upgrade it with merely common smithing stones.

Despite its unassuming name and nondescript appearance, the Scythe is proof that sometimes the most basic weapons are the most effective. The gamers who are daring enough to enter the skeleton-filled catacombs can get it extremely early. In the Cliffbottom Catacombs, next to Stormveil Castle, you can locate the Elden Ring’s Scythe.

Godskin Peeler

The Godskin Peeler belongs to the Twinblade class weapons in Elden Ring. The Godskin Peeler is a good weapon for melee combatants but requires a character with great dexterity. It scales largely with strength and dexterity. You can upgrade the Godskin Peeler without somber smithing stones, unlike other boss loot. It has a fantastic Black Flame Tornado Ash of War move that can easily take out large groups of foes.

Although they have a greater dex requirement—22—than some other weapons, they deal massive damage and move quickly. So, it is a fantastic option for players that want to move quickly. Due to its asymmetrical design, this weapon requires a high skill level before using. The weapon skill, Black Flame Tornado, allows players to conjure blazing black flames swirl and spin the weapon aloft. Then, slam it into the ground. Hold and rotate the weaponry to produce a first flame tornado. A boss known as the Godskin Apostle dropped a twin blade called the Godskin Peeler in a later location. The Godskin Peeler which is discovered later in the game, allows a dex player to get to the end.

elden ring best dex weapons


In Elden Ring, the uchigatana is one of the Elden Ring’s best dex weapons that fall under the katana. The Uchigatana scales largely with strength and dexterity. It is also a formidable sword for piercing and inflicting slash damage in combat. It’s a little surprising that the basic Uchigatana is still so effective among all the unique boss weapons and hidden blades in Elden Ring. You can use regular smithing stones to enhance the Uchigatana, which causes foes to lose blood quickly. It features a fantastic extended poke with a powerful heavy strike. You can also swap its unimpressive weapon art for one that better utilizes the weapon’s powers. One such weapon is the Occult scaling option, Ash of War.

elden ring best dex weapons
Unsheathe is a Swordsmanship skill from the valley of Reeds. You must sheathe the blade while standing calmly with it at your hip to execute a quick slash attack. You can also follow it up with a standard or powerful attack. The Uchigatana is a Samurai Class Starting Gear located in Stormhill, Limgrave, in the Deathtouched Catacombs. You need to open the door to one of the earlier halls and must pull the lever down. The Uchigatana is perched atop a corpse leaning over the platform’s edge.

Bloodhound’s Fang

Elden Ring’s Bloodhound’s Fang is a particular variety of Curved Greatsword. The Bloodhound’s Fang is a formidable weapon that scales largely with Strength and Dexterity. It can make vicious melee attacks against adversaries and quickly pull away from them. Players who want a weapon that scales with strength and dexterity will have to forsake a shield to deal maximum damage. Fortunately, Bloodhound’s Fang has a move set that enables users to approach an opponent and deal good damage. It can also rapidly retrace its steps, rendering it among the most adaptable curved swords in the game.

elden ring best dex weapons
To take advantage of the weapon skill, players must use the Bloodhound’s Fang to slash upward. Then, perform a backward somersault to get some distance between themselves and their opponents. The Bloodhound’s Step assault is followed by a powerful attack. It occurs when Bloodhound Knight Darriwil drops this curved greatsword after he is vanquished in Forlorn Hound Evergaol. This Evergaol is conveniently located next to a Spiritspring and looks out over the Bridge of Sacrifices. It links Castle Morne with the Weeping Peninsula.


Elden Ring’s Moonveil is one of the Elden Ring’s best dex weapons under a Katana-class weapon. The Moonveil is an excellent weapon for combat that scales largely with Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. It also does physical Slash and Pierce Damage. Its associated special ability also enables you to quickly draw the weapon for an immediate slash attack and blast off a stream of light. In addition to being the finest samurai in the game, Moonveil also ranks among the best weapons overall.

Although dexterity and intelligence are scaled, neither quality is necessary. It is a formidable weapon for any foe because it delivers both physical and magical harm. Due to its quick and potent weaponry, Moonveil is also highly strong in PVP. Although Moonveil doesn’t have the same single-hit power as strong weapons, it still ranks among the finest armaments in the game. The main reason is its steady assault of physical, magical, and blood loss damage. You must overcome the alternative Magma Wyrm battle in Gael Tunnel to acquire the Moonveil. You can access Gael Tunnel from the foot of Caelid’s northwest cliffs.

elden ring best dex weapons
One of Moonveil’s weapon skills is called transient moonlight. Its blade is sheathed and held at the hip in a calm stance to draw the sword quickly. This is good for an immediate slash attack. Then, proceed with a normal or powerful strike. Strong attacks fire a vertical, long-range wave that goes over the ground. On the other hand, normal attacks fire a horizontal, short-range wave that matches the direction of the blade. Both attacks shoot waves of light. When an opponent is within melee range, you can use both the melee swipe and the light wave to do more damage to them.

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