8 Types of Keyboards for Computer & Where to Get Them


The typewriter keyboard served as the inspiration for the computer keyboard, which uses a similar arrangement of keys to function as electronic switches. Since the 1970s, computer interaction has primarily been accomplished using keyboards modeled after teleprinters. While the computer mouse became a significant addition in the 1980s. The evolution of computers goes hand in hand with the keyboard. Over the years, various types of keyboards have surfaced, focusing on specific functions and features. With that said, today we will be listing 8 of the most iconic and unique types of keyboards available to date.

Mechanical Keyboard/ Multimedia Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are quite widespread and have been in use for a while. This keyboard uses mechanical switches to activate and translate button pushes into words.
The keyboard’s electrical switch is built, so pressing a single key completely closes a circuit. Additionally, mechanical keyboards have a rubber covering (with several domes) separating the individual keycaps from the electric switch components. Users benefit from a tailored typing experience and improved typing speed thanks to mechanical keyboards. The tactile feedback of the keyboard also helps to increase accuracy.

Multimedia Keyboards are typically full-sized computer keyboards that come with multimedia features. These keyboards are for individuals who prefer to watch films or play music on their computer. Multimedia Keyboard has a few more buttons for easier playlist navigation. It has a volume control (Up, Down, and Mute), an audio play stop function, and next track buttons.
The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT is one of the highly recommended mechanical/multimedia keyboards. You can check out the keyboard through Amazon for $149.99.

Wireless Keyboard

Since they don’t require cords to connect to your computer, wireless keyboards are growing in popularity. Since they don’t place a distance restriction between you and your computer, wireless keyboards are significantly more practical. One of the advantages of wireless keyboards is the freedom to work from any part of the room. Plus, you no longer need to battle with cords all the time. Wireless Keyboards also consume less power and are very portable, which is perfect for those who are always on the go. One of the cheapest and highly recommended wireless keyboards is the Cherry Stream Desktop – Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, which currently has a $49.99 price tag on Amazon.


Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is a desktop accessory intended to lessen tiredness, muscular tension, and other health issues. The ergonomic design of the keyboard also contributes to increased productivity and comfort when using it. In many cases, the keyboard is made to support the hands, wrists, and shoulders as you type while maintaining a more natural posture and position.

Ergonomic keyboards perform the same basic tasks as regular keyboards. By hitting the keys, it functions as a relay to communicate with your computer. One of the cheapest and the most popular Ergonomic keyboards you can avail of is the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard. You can check out this oddly shaped keyboard on Amazon for $32.95.


Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are made primarily with gaming in mind. These types of keyboards have extra features that improve a user’s gaming experience, such as customizable buttons, RGB backlit keys, and media controls. Additionally, they frequently have mechanical switches instead of membrane or rubber-dome switches, which are more responsive and long-lasting. Less latency and faster responsiveness are made possible by quick response times. This is an advantage that gaming keyboards provide, and it might be important when playing competitive, quick-paced games.

Key rollover, another gaming keyboard feature, enables you to press multiple keys simultaneously. This feature ensures that every key is processed correctly and in the proper order. This is a necessity because combinations are frequently required in fast-paced action games. The Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard is one of the cheapest and best-performing gaming keyboards you can get today through Amazon for $48.99.

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Membrane Keyboard

A membrane keyboard is a desktop type of keyboard where the “keys” are pressure pads. It has simply printed symbols and outlines on a solid, flexible surface rather than distinct, moving elements, as with most other keyboards. Such a keyboard produces little to no, if any, tactile feedback. These keyboards stand out from most others in their extremely low cost, outstanding dependability, and portability. It also features bending ability and a high level of resistance to liquids, moisture, and dirt. The Redragon K502 is one of the most popular membrane keyboards for work and gaming. You can purchase this accessory today through Amazon for $27.59.

types of keyboards

Projection Keyboards

With the help of low-intensity laser beams, and laser projection keyboards, users can type without using a mechanical keyboard. They only need to project the pattern of a computer keyboard onto a desk. A signal is sent to the computer by the keyboard’s track. Then it scans the image and looks for reflected infrared rays to determine the key position.

One of the most intriguing aspects of a virtual keyboard is its versatility. You can use them on flat surfaces, such as walls, desks, and more. Also, unlike many ordinary keyboards, projected keyboards are resistant to mud, grime, and moisture. Since it has no actual keys, the probability of the keyboard getting dirty is narrowed down to the sensor and projector. It makes it much easier to clean than physical keyboards. The XYZLEO Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is one of the best-reviewed projection keyboards on Amazon for only $44.99.

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Ortholinear Keyboards

An ortholinear keyboard has keys that are uniformly sized and spaced out in a grid, making it both portable and completely functional. For authors, programmers, gamers, and other amateurs looking to try out a new typing experience, they’re interesting options. While some doubt the benefits, proponents claim that this keyboard design can increase accuracy, speed, and comfort. You can learn more and get one of the most popular ortholinear keyboards, which is the Planck EZ at Ergodox EZ.


60% Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard known as a 60% keyboard has 60% fewer keys than a full-sized keyboard. As opposed to types of keyboards that employ a membrane switch, each key on this keyboard has its switch. So, it is more accurate with every keystroke. A full-size keyboard is more popular than the 60% keyboard, which is about as prominent as the 80% keyboards also known as TKL keyboards. It enables direct access to every button in the so-called alphabetic cluster. The F-row, the navigation cluster, and the arrow keys are absent from a pure 60% form factor. These keys are nevertheless accessible, just not in their intended formats.

With this keyboard’s size, you have room on your desk for a mousepad, large monitors, and monitor speakers. The layout is squeezed onto a solid block, leaving no empty parts or gaps, yet there will be enough room to the right. This will help you move the mouse nearer to your keyboard. Sadly, because it requires more room, the escape key cannot roll alone. Although you can access some keys, their functionality will not be the same as on a full-size keyboard. The RK Royal Kludge RK61 is one of the best-reviewed and highly recommended keyboards on Amazon for $49.99.

The mentioned types of keyboards in this article are just some of the iconic ones. There are still various keyboard concepts being developed by both independent and major tech companies. If you are looking for budget-friendly monitors check out this link. For more news, game updates, and techy information, stay tuned only on PlayPC!

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