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Most Essential PC Gaming Desk Accessories That Scream “I am a Gamer!”


Do you know what is the most distinguishing part of a gamer’s room? It is their battle station or gaming desk setup. But have you ever noticed what makes this gaming desk stand out? It’s the PC gaming desk accessories that light up this corner. Gamers spend hours a week in front of their desk to play and work. Not only do these accessories improve the gaming experience but they also hasten the workflow.

PC gaming desk accessories could include gaming mice, headsets, and keyboards. You will also find budget-friendly gaming monitors, RGB CPU cases, and chairs befitting this category. While some are just for aesthetics, most of them actually enhance the gaming experience. Hence, if you have a gaming PC set up, you have to make the most of it by getting the most useful and resourceful equipment. Let’s dive right in!

Essential PC Gaming Desk Accessories Every Gamer Must Have

If you’re an aspiring gamer, make sure to have most of the PC gaming desk accessories listed below.

Monitor Stand/Arm

Attaching your monitor to a stand not only saves desk space but also makes your overall setup look fabulous. You should choose a stand that gives you the best angle and position for your screen, which is necessary when playing highly competitive games. An adjustable arm helps alter the angle quickly and can be most useful when connected to a standing desk.

A monitor stand is a must-have for any hardcore gamer since it helps you arrange your screen correctly while keeping it stable and safe. It also frees up space on the desk that you can use for additional PC gaming desk accessories. Hence, a monitor stand is among the first accessories you need to build your setup.

Monitor Stand
Image Source: Monitor Stand/Arm


Extra Large Mouse Pad

Having a mouse pad is essential for work or play since it refrains the mouse from moving unstably on the desk. Mousepads these days now come in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. The best thing about them is their affordability and versatility. If you are a gamer, you would want to invest in an extra-large mouse pad to achieve a more pleasant gaming experience. Additionally, your choice should have a smooth and nonstick surface to keep your hands comfortable. Due to its extra large size, it is possible to place a keyboard on the other side as well.

mouse pad
Image Source: RAPOO V1L Mouse Pad


Cable Management System

Keeping your cables from clutter is the main key to having an aesthetically clean gaming setup. But it will be difficult to accomplish without a proper cable management system. Fortunately, these are easy to incorporate into any gaming setup. All you have to do is purchase a cable management system of your choice. Place it on the underside of your desk and reroute your wires through it. With the help of cable ties, decluttering your cables will be a breeze.

cable management
Image Source: Cable Management Under Tray


Mouse Bungee

In case you are unfamiliar with it, a mouse bungee is a PC gaming desk accessory that holds the mouse’s wires in place. Without taking up too much space, a mouse bungee also prevents the wires from tangling with another peripheral’s cables. This accessory is especially useful by giving a wired mouse a wireless feel since there will be lesser resistance in the wire while using a lightweight gaming mouse. Lastly, a mouse bungee is incredibly useful for FPS players who need to be agile with their mouse movements.

mouse bungee
Image Source: What is a Mouse Bungee?


RGB Lighting Strip

Adding minimal decorations help your gaming rig stand out and improves the overall aesthetics of the room. Among the widely used visually inducing accessories are the RGB light strips. You may have these lighting strips installed within your gaming CPU case or surrounding your gaming desk. Aside from that, there are loads of computer peripherals per-equipped with RGB lights that you can buy today. Choose RGB light strips that suit your taste. They give off a cool gamer vibe to your overall rig.

RGB Lighting Strip
Image Source: Gaming Desk


Headphone Holder/Stand

What good will a gaming rig be without a pair of functional gaming headphones? No rig will be complete without this nifty component. To help prolong your headphones, a good headphone hangar or holder should do the trick. Add more personality to your gaming rig with cool headphone hangars. These PC gaming desk accessories can come in various designs and price ranges. A neat trick to save more space is to attach the holder under your table so you can hang your headphones when not in use.

Headphone Holder
Image Source: Headphone Holder


Final Thoughts About PC Gaming Desk Accessories

Whether you are an aspiring gaming vlogger or a hardcore gamer, setting up your battle station can be a challenge. But that doesn’t have to be the case; you can simply find ideas for the best PC gaming desk accessories on our list. You can either purchase them online or visit your local computer shop to get a better look.

We’ve come to the end of our guide. So make sure to visit PlayPC for future updates on this list and for other gaming-related content that may interest you.

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