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PS5 Third-Party Controllers that will Take Gaming to the Next Level


Even after two years, getting a PlayStation 5 is still a good decision. This home video game console by Sony Interactive Entertainment is the fifth of its kind, succeeding the PlayStation 4. The DualSense wireless controller that comes with your newly purchased PlayStation is, by no means, an inferior gamepad. It has a good weight to it; its variable tension triggers are aptly placed, and its haptic feedback makes the DualSense a tough controller to beat for PS5 gaming. However, this also does not mean there are no viable PS5 third party controllers for more options.

If you are in search of an alternative to your default DualSense controller, take a look at our recommendations below. These are some of the most favorite PS5 third-party controllers that have the best compatibility with the gaming station.

Five PS5 Third Party Controllers to Choose From

Below is a list of applicable third-party controllers you can use on your PS5.

Scuf Reflex Pro

Scuf fans are not surprised that the brand was the very first to announce it will release an official PS5 third-party controller. Incorporating the Scuf Reflex Pro with all the bells and whistles makes it one of the most ideal alternatives to Sony’s DualSense. It has adaptive triggers, an easy-grip coating, textured thumbsticks, and an overall base design that screams “Scuf”.

But that is only the beginning; the Scuf Reflex Pro has also been packed with extra cool features. These include interchangeable thumbsticks plus four remappable and removable rear paddle buttons you can customize however you want. This feat is ideal since each player will want different configurations for each game being played. Additionally, there are three different profile settings you can save and use whenever you like. Unlike its competition, the Scuf Reflex Pro comes in several colors that match the PS5 consoles.

Scuf Reflex Pro
Image Source: Scuf Reflex Pro


HexGaming PS5 Rival Premium

Starting with a basic DualSense PS5 controller before upgrading to an eSports-ready beast of a controller is HexGaming’s PS5 Rival Premium. The rear button paddles are also remappable so you can change it on the fly for every game. The top trigger buttons have been made slimmer to allow for faster activation and reaction times. The Rival Premium comes with a 6-in-1 thumbstick allowing you to adjust the height. The thumbstick’s grip also feels more comfortable and less slippery.

HexGaming also included a wide array of themes that will suit your preferences without sacrificing overall quality. The PS5 Rival Premium also works with the DualSense charging station. Its downside is it is the most expensive of all PS5 third-party controllers in the market today. Although it also is one of the best ones available nowadays.

HexGaming PS5 Rival Premium
Image Source: HexGaming PS5 Rival Premium


Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

The Nacon eSports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 means business when it comes to its thumbstick customizations. This feature lets you adjust the amplitude to exactly what the game you’re playing requires. Plus, you can interchange the heads to get the exact feel that you want. What also makes this stand out is how you can map the buttons to create various profiles that you can switch to as needed.

More interestingly, the Nacon eSports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 supports wired and wireless connections. Ultimately, it boils down to what you find the most reliable. The device’s overall design screams both comfort and sturdiness, making it a great PS5 third-party controller for long gaming sessions.

Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3
Image Source: Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 Review


Scuf Impact

The Impact controller from Scuf features a more traditional design. However, it is packed with an entire kit of customization options that you can alter at your discretion. There are four removable paddles that you can put at the back if you want extra button mapping. The controller’s faceplate is also customizable along with the adjustable hair triggers, and interchangeable thumbsticks. The electromagnetic remapping options make Scuf’s Impact the ideal choice if you want tons of personalizations. Aside from its tweaking capabilities, this controller also supports both wired and wireless connections.

Scuf Impact
Image Source: Scuf Impact


AIM PS5 Controller

Last but not least is AIM’s different approach to customizing the PS5 DualSense controller. With their system, you can pick any part of the controller and specify a unique look to get the appearance you want. Choose the design right down to how each thumbstick looks and the touchpad’s color. For each part, you can choose from a variety of primary colors to suit your palate.

Having this kind of approach makes the customization more affordable since only the appearance is altered. Unfortunately, the AIM controller does not intrinsically change the performance of the PS5 DualSense. Despite this drawback, this is still considered one of the best PS5 third-party controllers in the market to date.

AIM PS5 Controller
Image Source: AIM PS5 Controller


Choose from the PS5 Third Party Controllers Mentioned

We have narrowed down our top picks for PS5 third-party controllers that you can purchase these days. Regardless of your choice, you should try playing any of these PS5 and PS4 adventure games. Also, don’t forget to drop by PlayPC frequently to check the latest updates on new PS5 controllers and games currently available.

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