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Rules of Survival Popular But Has Problems


Rules of Survival have become one of the top games during the year 2017. A lot of people took some of their time and the opportunity to download this game and give it a shot. Name it, everyone is in front of their screens as they enjoy playing the match with their closest friends. Whether it may be in the corners of the street, at home, work and even during spare time at schools.

In fact, Rules of Survival Gameplay have gained huge revenue worldwide with 80 million downloads. Also, it’s the only game in Southeast Asia that offers 120-Player Battle among its competitors.

Well, the game statistics itself shows that even the youngest sibling, (either a boy or a girl) have been playing this game a lot of times. However, everyone may notice from the past months, people have not been mentioning this game in every conversation and gathering.

For instance, some people might think that the game has reached it’s peaked or maybe upgrading for something even more. But for some reason, Is Rules of Survivals Dead?

Well, it’s hard to say that the rules of survival have totally gone out of the blue. From the game which people have been dying to rank first, to the game that everyone wants to quit. In that case, some indeed ask what had happened and what have been the probable cause.

There might be some things to think of even if the rule of survival characters has the best trait. And that, everyone, should know what could be the challenges and opportunities that the game encountered.


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Rules of Survival Cheaters and Hackers

Rules of Survival Gameplay might have some issues about the whole battle itself. As many players report that it’s quite hard to reach the top because of this cheaters and hackers.

Of course, if every player in the game is dedicated to shoot and kill their enemies, the feeling of disappointment will undoubtedly arise at any point. Let’s admit it, cheaters and hackers are the worst. When everyone’s trying their best to search, face their rival equally, there come those groups that don’t care at all.

Perhaps, this has been the major problem of the game. The game has been tormented with a lot of wallhackers, aimbot, tele kill and a whole lot more. This might be one of the causes why rules of survival ranks have been affected for some time.

Despite this situation, the game developers have created weekly updates to further enhance the gameplay and the experience of the players on the battlefield. To give a just and fair contribution, users that used unidentified software and parties have been banned all throughout the online community.

Up until this day, there are millions of players that cannot enter the game anymore. It’s quite dreadful to know that numerous people are desperate to cheat to win against their co-players. After all, everyone wants to have fair and equal gameplay.

And so, the developers have gathered various feedbacks to prevent the control of such doings. However, this kind of scenario did not stop the hackers and cheaters from creating and enhancing their hacks even more.

Sadly, rules of survival gameplay did not go well and were flooded by negative reviews until today. Well, for an avid and solid player of the game, there’s no doubt that users will get disappointed.


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Rules of Survival Bugs and Lag Gameplay

In every game, there’s always an issue for the server’s connectivity and some bugs to fix. Well, as for this match, players have been criticizing a lot of matters. This might be a significant factor to consider why people have been thinking that the rules of survival are dead.

On the other side, a turn down might happen if players have been encountering this error in rules of survival. The catch is that you will eventually get banned even if you’re playing a fair game.

Well, even if it the rules of survival best guns equipped with you, if you experienced some issue and errors, there’s a chance for you to get banned and get disabled in the game.

At a certain point, even if the game features have dynamic weather and cycle with customizable characters and weapons, the game might be dead because of the negative feedback. Nonetheless, people have enjoyed the game from the time it was released.

It’s quite unfortunate that it must end soon because of the cheaters and hackers that made it even harder for the fair players online. Still, the game offered a lot of fun and bonding moments with everyone in the community. Thus, the rules of survival gameplay might really be dead now.