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Plague Inc: Ironically Good to Play During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Remember that Ndemic Creations game from 8 years ago where you get to play as a virus and infect every living human being on Earth? Yeah, that game. I am talking about Plague Inc. Ironically, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, this is a fun game to play while everyone in self-quarantine. While it does sound sick that you play as the “villain” of the story, just remember that it is a game: no need to rattle your bones over fictional media. But ever since the whole world became frantic about the coronavirus, some of us just like to sit back and enjoy the isolation at home. And with that, Plague Inc. does serve as a good way to spend hours on end as you let time pass by and hopefully society goes back to normal.


Why Play Plague Inc. Now?

Honestly speaking, it is one of the best simulator games even to this day. As someone who has played countless simulation games, nothing else comes close as Plague Inc. To give you a big picture of what the game does, you play as a disease – ready to bring humanity to its knees. You can start off as a bacteria, fungus, neurax worm, bio-weapon, parasite, prion and, of course, virus. There are other ways to start off the plague too but you will need to unlock those first.

The reason why Plague Inc. is so much better to play now than ever is not that it is more immersive today, but rather it raises the awareness of what happens when a simple infection becomes tomorrow’s next Black Death.

You are the plague. The enemies are the scientists that are finding for a cure to contain you once and for all. Can you kill off the human population?


Proving that Graphics Is Not Everything

Gamers who think that graphics should always come first are not real gamers. In fact, Plague Inc. has barely any graphical aesthetic at all. What makes the game such a cult classic lies in the gameplay and music. I can say that it is definitely one of my top strategy/simulator games ever made thanks to how simple yet complex the experience becomes. Not one situation is the same per game session. Every Scenario mode is unique, providing plenty of options for you to infect the world more. Seriously though, you need to play the game itself.


Infectious in a Good Way

Definitely, you won’t find any other game just like Plague Inc. Combining basic Science, strategy, simulation and a touch of antagonism, this game will have you playing for hours on end. It also tends to make you see the horrific side of what infection can do such as morphing its transmissions, symptoms and gaining abilities like heat and drug resistance.

The starting country on where you want to begin the plague also has an effect on the game. For example, if you start on a 1st world country like the USA or UK, the infection count will start slow but will easily afflict poorer countries faster. If you start in a poor country, the infection is faster but that will give the richer countries more time to research and create an antidote as soon as possible.


Dark Comedy at Its Finest

Redpilled and woke jokes, Trump parodies, and even movie references are part of the tongue-in-cheek humor. The game CAN get scary at times (especially when death starts piling up) and the comedy included in the game serves as a nice contrast.