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Township: Is It A Better Choice Among Similar Games?


Have you ever dreamed of owning a town? Township game is a unique blend of farming and city-building. You will not only be a farmer, but you will also be a city manager. Why not start with growing your crops and harvest them on time so they can process into finished goods that you can use. You can also sell your items to earn money and make purchases and upgrades—trade goods with other towns or users in faraway islands to help your village grow.

If you are having a hard time getting started, choose the tutorial that will guide you right from the start. With the starter town that you have, you will begin learning how each process works. Use T-cash (coins) as the primary currency, which you can earn by the different tasks and actions in the game. Purchase factories, community buildings, and decorations using your coins to enhance your town and give it a bit more flavor. If you need more, use real money to buy additional coins.


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You also earn experience points (XP) along the way so you can level up your game. As you gain more XP and go through different levels, you get access to more kinds of crops, factories, and Township buildings. Deep within the mines, you can find treasures and secrets that were trapped down so you can get additional resources to use in your town. Meet and unlock fun and charismatic townsfolk that will need your help or require you to fulfill orders. Play with them and make new friends in the game community to create your clans. You may also want to donate to their planes and trains whenever they need items for their farms.


Township Game Alternatives

Many games have been created similar to the first and original matches in the market. Township is a free-to-play game that offers many opportunities. Just like this game, there are alternatives and similar games that may also catch your attention. They have a similar theme, which is farming, but the gameplay may be a bit different. Check out the list and learn their similarities and differences with Township.


FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Embark on an exciting adventure in FarmVille 2: Country Escape to start collecting rare goods and crafting unique recipes. Grow your farm and raise animals with the help of your friends. Its gameplay is similar to Township, where users play the role of a farmer to grow crops and harvest them. Players can craft different goods to fulfill an order. Find out more about fruits, vegetables, and other plants that you can grow on your farm. You can also decorate and customize it to attract more visitors that will help you earn more.


Hay Day


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Those who love playing farming games also choose to play Hay Day. The addictive game offers an exciting and exciting story. It is where the player assumes the tasks and responsibilities of his uncle, who is no longer capable of running his farm. Start with a small farm and a few coins to purchase seeds that you will sow and farming tools that you will use to cultivate your land. Use coins to buy buildings that will help you produce goods and other items to earn additional experience to level up. Interact with other players or add friends as neighbors to help whenever needed. Grow crops that you can also trade with friends and other users to earn more coins to purchase a farm expansion for a certain level. If you decorate your farm, You can attract more visitors to the area!


Happy Farm

Another farming game that attracted more players in various platforms is Happy Farm. Take the role of a farmer that will grow crops, sell products, trade with others, and steal from neighbors. Start with a small farm that you can expand further into the game when you grow crops and raise animals. Collect points and coins when you complete different objectives and move to higher levels. You will create buildings and factories that will produce goods that you can sell in the market for a good profit. There are various crops, vegetables, fruits, and other players that you can grow on your farm.

Moreover, harvest the crops when they are ready and sell to earn coins. Choose from dozens of decorations to customize your farm and attract more visitors and earn additional cash. More features and farming tools can be unlocked as you progress through the game using your money and further expand your farm.


Township Game Final Words


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Whichever game you choose, you can engage yourself in different farming experience. Prove yourself to be the best farmer in town! Each of them has their unique features for you to discover and experience. Face different challenges that will come along the way to maintain an attractive and profitable farm. Township is just one of the many farming games that you can play. Download and start playing the game to learn more about how good and unique it is and see how it stood up from the rest of similar games.