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Mobile Legends Free Diamonds are a Scam


If you thought you can earn a lot of Mobile Legends free diamonds or free skins, you thought wrong. Look, the only way for you to earn diamonds in Mobile Legends requires either two processes: buy them in the game’s store or complete their challenges. But as for websites that say they’ll give you “MOBILE LEGENDS FREE DIAMONDS”, those are fake – F.A.K.E. – fake.

Websites say they’ll give away free diamonds while YouTuber Mobile Legends “influencers” claim they know how to get lots of free diamonds. In the end, those are all hoax. Let’s look at some types of Mobile Legends hack scams.


Sign-Up Scam


Anyone with at least an ounce of IQ knows this is just a straight-up lie. First of all, it is too good to be true. All you need to do is sign-up and you get your diamonds? No way.


Generator Scam

According to this system, you need to install the program, click on the “Generate” button and get Mobile Legends free diamonds and stuff. Okay, first of all, the generator never asks what your game name is. Second, before you can use it, the website asks for you to answer a survey. And to sign in, you will need your mobile number. “Oh, so it’s just the mobile number? That’s alright.” No, it is not. Once you register your number, the website will send a spamware to you on a regular basis. And to make things worse, it also steals some of your mobile load. It’s literally a digital leech.

Third, even if you do get past the whole set-up, the generator doesn’t even work! They’ll just say “hurr durr Error lol”. 

Generator? More like degenerator.



APK Installation Scam

Here’s something a bit more modern. iOS users won’t need to deal with this issue but for the Android users as well as PC emulators, APK files that include MOBILE LEGENDS HACK TOOL and MOD are nothing but emptiness. You won’t ever get the free diamonds, battle points or skins at all. What you did install, however, is a buttload of viruses and, in some scary cases, ransomware.


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Free Diamonds are a Myth

As long as something claims all you have to do is do this or that and you’ll get free things instantly, it’s a fake. The only time you can get free ones is if MOONTON themselves host it. But when it comes to a 3rd party app or group, you should have second guesses.

As for parents who let their kids play the game on handheld or Mobile Legends PC, you need to make sure your child isn’t exposed to these kinds of scams.  If you want games that are safe with no spamware, download and play our other action games here at such as Lords Mobile or Clash Royale.