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Is Angry Birds 2 Game the Ultimate Cash Grab?


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you have probably heard about Angry Birds 2. You have most likely played the game or watched the 3D animated comedy film. The movie is one of the highest-rated games. The video game came from on a series of the same name created by Rovio Entertainment.

The Angry Birds movie was one of the highest-rated video game adaptations ever. It is no wonder that the Angry Birds has now had over 500 million downloads. And with a daily average of 200 million minutes of games played. The Angry Birds 2 free download games have captivated players all over the world with its excellent gameplay.


angry birds 2 free download
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The popularity of the Angry Birds 2 game

The game is possible one of the best strategic games ever created. Ever since the first game came out years ago, it had countless spin-offs. Games such as Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Epic, and Angry Birds Go, but it never had a proper follow-up. Until the Angry Birds 2 game that debuted into the PC platform in glorious fashion.


Beautifully Designed game

The Angry Birds 2 game is beautifully designed. Once you start to load the game, you will immediately notice the updated graphics that make the game pop. You will see that every character and object, from the birds to the pigs, are intricately drawn. The game’s background also does not disappoint with its fluid, exquisite backdrops that even have weather effects.

One of the game’s best design features is the close-up corner shots of birds and pigs. This matter was not present in previous game versions. It’s a subtle animated effect when you pull back on the sling and see the crushed green pig. One of the great things about this new version is that the game’s blocks also explodes in fireworks when landing.


angry birds 2 download
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Pay to win scheme in Angry Birds 2

Aside from the new look, the new Angry Birds 2 is the same as the original version. There are a few extra tricks, but overall, it still has all the elements from the 2009 game version. It has the same original set of birds that has its own unique set of powers. There is also the yellow/triangle bird that can fly faster when you tap on the screen.

In the first Angry Birds game, it was not free to play. You would need to purchase the game at around $.99. It was a simple strategy game that involves using birds as slingshots to destroy structures. The game was available for free, but it added an in-app purchase.

However, this new version has become a bit more aggressive in its pay to win schemes. Some would argue that the world’s worst player can defeat the world’s best player in the game. If the former is willing to spend cash on upgrading, then finishing levels is possible, no skills needed. Critics say that instead of providing one of a kind content, they offer in-app purchases for players unable to finish.


In Summary

The Angry Birds 2 version blatantly features the seven core monetisation mechanics where you would need to buy “gems” using real money. These gems could go as high up as $100 as their best value feature. It can also be particularly helpful on Angry Birds 2 level 47, the dreaded Boss level.

Most fans of the franchise miss the one-time purchase aspect of the original Angry Birds. But all that aside, the new version is the same as the original, albeit a few changes. It is still the same physics-puzzle action game that we had a lot of fun playing.

Overall, it is still the same fun and addicting game that we have enjoyed and loved. So, if you are looking for a game to play, we would suggest the Angry Birds 2 game.