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Jurassic World The Game Review | Play and Discover the Jurassic Period


Jurassic World The Game might not be the typical dinosaur or simulation game that you expect. Want to know more something about the game, and how does it go? Are you ready to dig dipper and discover some history and fossils? Well, this might be the best day ever!

In 1990, highly acclaimed American author Michael Crichton unleashed a codex called Jurassic Park into the populace. Interestingly enough, a creator in the entertainment industry named Steven Spielberg took notice a year before its official launch. Three years later, a motion picture adaptation of the iconic novel (containing 10% to 20% of the book’s content) made its way to over 3400 movie theatres across the world. This matter enables Jurassic Park to become a household brand when it comes to dinosaurs and Isla Nublar. The island itself is one of the most iconic and fictional places that you would ever want to visit.


Welcome Back to Isla Nublar

Just when you think that the events depicted in Jurassic Park forever fade into the archives of pop culture history, Jurassic World comes along. This new and improved theme park comes with all the latest security systems and amenities that makes Jurassic Park look ancient. Along with these improvements are new species of dinosaurs developed through transgenic techniques. Nevertheless, just like its predecessor, the park falls in chaos and destruction.

To that end, if given a chance to own and operate Jurassic World, would you take it? Do you think that you can do a better job of managing the park? Well, we definitely would like to take that chance, which brings us to the official simulation of the franchise called Jurassic World The Game. We dived into the world of dinosaur breeding, theme park management, and competitive arena fighting to feed our curiosity and share our experience on Isla Nublar.


Jurassic World The Game Story (5/10)  


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Jurassic World: The Game provides the player one of a kind chance to manage, expand, and exploit the resources of the iconic theme park. As exciting as it may sound, the game falls short on some of the elements that make an immersive narrative. For starters, the game does not follow the story arc established by the franchise, which is forgivable for “spoiler” reasons.

Nevertheless, a game called Jurassic World: The Game should have at least provided something for the die-hard purist fans of the franchise to work with aside from the characters. In other words, if you are looking for the same fast-paced action-adventure experience seen in the movie version, then this is not the game for you.


Graphics (8/10) 

Jurassic World The Game, despite its lack of an exciting premise, comes with highly detailed environments, characters, and structures. The dinosaurs in the game are also brilliantly animated and highly detailed as well besides the clean interface, user-friendly controls, and smooth transition screens for a seamless gaming experience.


Gameplay (4/10) 


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Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPlNu6GYC_0


Like most heavily monetized titles, the game looks and feels fun during the tutorial levels until the grinding begins. Unless you want to use real-world currency, then prepare yourself to grind towards progression. Jurassic World The Game, for the most part, is a typical management title with an added arena battle feature. The worst part or probably the saddest part is the game is massive on monetization.


Jurrasic World The Game Sound (6/10) 

The ambiance in the game also comes in as essential. It is better if the developers went all out and utilized the voice of the actors in the movie. After all, the game is already using the pay-to-win structure, so it might as well make the game unique and exciting.

But still, the game will surely give a bit of excitement through the sounds provided. Just make sure to focus on the battle ahead and win until the end.


Content (5/10) 

Jurassic World The Game comes with tons of content; however, the materials are generic, just like the gameplay and sound. Think of the essential contents seen in other management games and slapping the Jurassic World on it. To be fair, the game features regular content updates and freebies; however, at the end of the day, it is all about the grind and in-game purchases.


Jurassic World The Game Overall Review (6/10)

The concept of Jurassic World The Game is fantastic, who would not want to have their dinosaur theme park? Nevertheless, some decided to stick or depend entirely on the pay-to-win model. And if you have the patience to grind or have enough money to spare, then this game is for you. However, if you are a hardcore Jurassic Park fan, then, this title could be a little bit disappointing.

Overall, the game still works the way you perceive it. You can invite your friends to join you in the battle and give some points to beat your opponent online. Select the best dinosaur and perform the skills that you have. This thing might be the start of your one of a kind Jurassic experience, so get your game on and dig that power up. Do you have any comments in mind too? How about sharing it here?