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9 Best Samurai Games For Aspiring Virtual Ronin Warriors


For a long time, we’ve been captivated by the astonishing samurai culture and its folklore. Samurais, for one, are acclaimed to be the most courageous warriors in Asian culture. Whenever we hear the word “Samurai,” many words pop out in our mind, such as bravery, honor, integrity, and someone who is deadly keen on using a razor-sharp arsenal.

Following the culture and learning the ways of becoming a samurai warrior is not easy. You need to undergo a series of training and face a lot of opponents to unleash your best potential to become one. Luckily, with the help of technology, you can pursue your dream of becoming a ronin warrior by playing samurai games.

Generally, there are loads of samurai games available on your PC. Each game depicts energetic yet fast-flowing gameplay that will activate your adrenaline rush. In addition, this type of game is renowned for having in-depth character development and an enticing plot that is very challenging. To help you figure out which samurai games to download on your PC, let this top list of the best samurai games help you out.

What are the Best Samurai Games for PC?

Here are the highly-renowned best samurai games of all time;

1. Way of the Samurai 4

Landing on the first spot of our best samurai games is Way of the Samurai 4. This samurai game was published by Spike Chunsoft and developed by ACQUIRE Corp. In this game, you’ll be set in the meek port of Amihama Wayback in the mid-19th century. You’ll witness the most engrossing parts of Japanese history, such as the deterioration of the shogunate.

In Way of the Samurai 4, you’ll play the role of a brave warrior who will create its story by immersing in the three factions; pro-government, anti-government, and the overambitious British Navy. Ten endings are waiting for you to be discovered. There are also loads of NPCs to interact with and events to participate in.

Way of the Samurai 4
Image Source: Way of the Samurai 4 Gameplay


2. Sword of the Samurai

If you’re the type of player who loves something retro yet still wishes to play samurai games, make way for Sword of the Samurai. This game was published last 1989 by Retroism and Nightdive Studios. Though the said game is marked as an old game, it is still acclaimed as one of the best samurai games as it portrays the age of Japan during the conflicting states.

In this samurai game, you’ll be playing the role of one of the apprentice members of the samurai class. To prove your worth in the class, you’ll do everything for the sake of honor. Effectively use your samurai skills to unite all 48 groups and become their righteous leader. Meeting this goal is tricky as you must attend and surpass different ranks.

Sword of the Samurai


3. Samurai Gunn

If you’re looking for a samurai game depicting simple yet messy, fun gameplay, don’t miss the chance to play Samurai Gunn. In this fast-paced multiplayer game, you’ll fight against two to four warriors in a Bushido brawler. You and your opponents will be equipped with a sword and a gun with three bullets. Every shot matters, and it will be better if you’re smart enough to use it.

In Samurai Gunn, your strategy and alertness will be challenged. If you think this game feels you hanging, you can opt for its next sequel, the Samurai Gunn 2. In this installment, you’ll experience more amazing co-op features that can help you become the ultimate brawler.

Samurai Gunn


4. Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

Are you ready to unleash your most promising samurai skills? Then, show what you’ve got here in Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada. In this game, you’ll fight for your survival; y as death is the only language that speaks surrender. Don’t miss this game’s dramatic story and action-packed battles with the Sanada clan during the warring state period of Japan.

Don’t let other warriors overpower you; try your best to annihilate all enemies who will interfere your way. Also, you can enjoy the game by traversing the Castle Towns and following the life of Yukimura Sanada; a famous samurai officer who is acclaimed as the last Sengoku hero and one of the best warriors of Japan.

Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada


5. Onimusha: Warlords

Are you up for a compelling samurai adventure? Then, fire up your PC and play Onimusha: Warlords. In this game, you’ll take the role of Samanosuke Akechi, a brave swordsman who will do his best to rescue Princess Yuki. There are loads of intense sword plays to do and a dramatic storyline to follow.

Aside from enormous sword battles, you’ll also need to unveil your skills in solving puzzles to help you take a break from battles for a while. As you progress in Onimusha, it will be best if you’ll opt to upgrade your katana and try to equip yourself with magical weapons. Also, don’t miss the chance to meet Kaede, the Kunoichi assistant, in the future.

Onimusha Warlords


6. Total War: SHOGUN 2

Are your tactical skills enough to win the war and become the ultimate shogun? Let’s see how far your strategy can take you by playing Total War: SHOGUN 2. It’s time to reveal your most promising tactics as a clan leader of one of the 9 major groups in Japan. Strive to develop your base, evolve your military, boost your economy, and research ways to hone your clan.

In Total War: SHOGUN 2, the clan you’ve chosen depicts its pros and cons. It will be best if you try to maximize the strengths and work out their weaknesses. If you’re looking for a game that shows a prominent overview of feudal Japan, then you must see this game now.

Total War SHOGUN 2


7. Nioh

Are you up for some brutal action? Then, reserve your energy and play Nioh by Koei Tecmo Games and Team NINJA. Travel across the age of samurai as William, an Anglo-Irish traveler who visits Japan to find someone. This goal will not stay long as you’ll soon be involved in major battles between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Edward Kelley. To preserve your survival in this war, you will fight against hordes of ferocious warriors and Yokai.

In Nioh, experience immersing in various hack-and-slash battles and bonfires that can help you save your progress. In case you die in the game, you can use the one chance to recover your XP before you lose the game. There are loads of enemies in the game, and it will be best if you’ll upgrade your katana skills once in a while.



8. For Honor

If the details of your weaponry or samurai deeply matter to you, you better go with For Honor. This multiplayer samurai game enables you to witness Knights, Wu Lin warriors, Vikings, and samurai. What makes this game more impressive is that it features a class system where you can freely choose what type of samurai warrior you want to be in the game.

Four classes are available in the For Honor game; Kensei, Orochi, Shugoki, and Nobushi. Each class depicts uniqueness in terms of battle and uses a different type of weaponry. Try to explore all classes and find out which group fits your samurai preferences.

For Honor


9. Rise of Kingdoms

Another samurai game that focuses on base-building is Rise of Kingdoms by LilithGames. As the title suggests, you’ll play as a leader of a specific civilization. There are loads of civilizations available in the game, one of which is Japan. Once you’ve set your Japanese civilization, you’ll start building your cities and developing your army.

In Japanese civilization, you’ll receive a samurai and experience life during the 14th-century samurai time led by Kusunoki Masashige. Unlike the other groups, this civilization primarily focuses on collecting resources and a quicker scouting approach.

Rise of Kingdoms


Download the Best Samurai Games on Your PC!

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the best samurai games you can play on your PC. If you’re planning to become a real samurai warrior in the future, you can try to hone your skills by playing some of the titles listed above.

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