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Despite having fewer exclusive titles compared to PlayStation, Xbox still has a decent library of titles that will entertain you for hours. In line with that, today we will take a quick overview of some of the best adventure games for Xbox one.

Sunset Overdrive

Action-adventure shooter Sunset Overdrive was created by Insomniac Games and released by Microsoft Studios. The setting for the game is the fictitious city of Sunset City in the year 2027. The Overcharge Drinkers, often known as the OD, are people who have consumed FizzCo’s energy drink and turned into mutants. The player is in control of a FizzCo employee who must battle the OD. The player protagonist gets access to a vast array of weapons. He may do a wall run, use zip lines, and grind rails to quickly move throughout the dystopian Sunset City. In the game’s cooperative multiplayer option, called Chaos Squad, seven players must work together to finish a series of missions. The game lacks a cover mechanism since it places a lot of focus on momentum.

adventure games xbox one

The combat in the game emphasizes quickness and pushes players to take down opponents quickly. Players can therefore use various techniques such as air-dashing, wall running, zip line, engaging in parkour, stunts, and water traversal. This game is also available on PC.


The Tunic game is primarily played from an isometric perspective. It allows players to control their anthropomorphic fox character as they move through the game’s environment, having contact with objects and slaying foes. The player can transition to a more top-down perspective in battle if necessary. With elements from the Dark Souls series, the game has a structure resembling The Legend of Zelda. It causes progression restricted to certain virtual realm regions until the player has acquired a new ability or weapon for the fox to employ.

adventure games xbox one

The game’s goal and gameplay mechanics are vague. The player is typically presented with dialogue in a strange language, yet some characters or words may be readable in the player’s native tongue. It also provides hints about puzzle solutions. Some of the items the player will uncover are pages from the game’s guidebook. As of writing, Tunic is only available for the Xbox One, nevertheless, ports for other consoles are already in the works.

The Big Con

In the adventure game The Big Con, players act as Ali, an adolescent who must gather money to keep her mother’s store open. The player must rob a specific sum of money from each place. The player has two options after reaching the threshold. They can either talk to Ted to exit the area or keep exploring. Pickpocketing non-player characters are one way for Ali to make money (NPCs). Every NPC has a counter that displays how much money they currently have. Ali can also make money by amassing goods and offering them to pawns. Ali is also capable of accepting NPC side missions.

adventure games xbox one

The Big Con was originally launched for the Xbox One on August 31, 2021, making it an exclusive title. However, a Nintendo Switch version of the game was also launched on June 1, 2022.


Robyn and Rand Miller created Myst, a graphic adventure/puzzle computer game. It was initially launched on the Mac in 1993 under the development of Cyan, Inc. and under the publishing of Broderbund. The player’s character in the game visits the island of Myst via a unique book. From there, completing riddles enables the player to visit four worlds that disclose the history of the game’s protagonists. One of whom the player must ultimately decide to support.

adventure games xbox one

A first-person adventure through an interactive universe is how Myst is played. On some screens, players can click or drag specific objects to interact with them. The scenario crosses into another frame as the user progresses by clicking on the areas indicated on display. This allows them to visit the new area. Whenever a lightning bolt pointer emerges, players can click to jump forward many frames to another place in Myst’s optional “Zip” feature. It helps players to quickly transverse locations they’ve already explored.


Sable is a video game with an open world that Shed works developed and Raw Fury published. It was made publicly available on September 23, 2021, for the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. Players act as Sable, a teenage girl undergoing a coming-of-age passage rite that involves finding the right mask and returning to her nomad’s clan. As Sable explores the arid planet of Midden, which has been abandoned, she comes across several people. These people assist her in figuring out her position on the planet and assign her some jobs. Most of these tasks frequently entail figuring out puzzles and platforming via natural geological formations or ancient sites.

adventure games xbox one

The story is presented via NPC interaction and environmental signals, such as the ruins of an ancient civilization left to interpretation. Therefore there is no conflict or predetermined storyline in the game. It places a focus on easy discovery and puzzle-solving while navigating sand dunes and ruinous areas. Platforming mechanics are implemented using a stamina gauge that permits running, climbing, and hovering.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and The Will of the Wisps is a platform-adventure Metroidvania game for the Xbox One. It is developed by Moon Studios and released by Xbox Game Studios. This platform game focuses more on exploration, gathering objects and improvements, and returning to previously inaccessible sections. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a fun 2D game that comes with breathtaking visuals and immersive audio. A white guardian ghost named Ori is controlled by the player. Players control the character Ori, who must traverse a variety of platforms by jumping, climbing, gliding, and swimming. With the help of new skills and upgrades, players can explore parts of the world that were previously inaccessible as the Metroidvania-style gameplay progresses. A number of the core gameplay mechanics were influenced by the Metroid and Rayman series.

adventure games xbox one


The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

Only through audio can one truly experience The Vale. It uses particle effects to show motion, the weather, and the time of day as its only images. Even the menus are read aloud by the game, ostensibly enabling players with visual impairments to play the game unaided.

adventure games xbox one

The player must determine distances and directions largely by listening to the environment in The Vale. For instance, when an enemy combatant announces an impending attack, you can raise your shield or plan a counterattack in that direction. It could be necessary to keep an ear out for the crackling of hostile campfires or chitchat. Aside from using directional or 3D audio enhancements, good headphones are also helpful when playing this game.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a sci-fi action-adventure third-person shooter game developed by Remedy Entertainment. It was released by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2016. The game revolves around Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore), who is given time-bending abilities following botched time-machine research. Help him spar with his old buddy Paul Serene in handling the impending “End of Time.” The game also incorporates platform game features in its less action-packed sections. The game includes episodes of a built-in live-action television program that stars the characters’ actors. Characters respond to the player’s decisions and show the outcomes through interactions.

adventure games xbox one


Sea of Thieves

Adventure games Xbox one Sea of Thieves made its way to the gaming populace in 2018. The game was created by Rare and Microsoft Studios. Assuming the guise of a pirate, the player completes missions for several trading firms. Players in the multiplayer game take a first-person view as they sail a pirate ship through an open world. Throughout their adventures, different groups of players frequently cross paths, sometimes forging allies, and engaging in combat.

adventure games xbox one

Sea of Thieves is set in a shared environment, so groups of individuals will cross paths throughout their journeys. Solo and duo players navigate in a quick sloop, while players control a larger three-person or four-person galleon in a group. These groups take on various duties like safe navigation, boarding enemy ships, manning the cannons, and surveying from the crow’s nest. If sea exploration and naval combat is your forte, this game is definitely for you.

So, this sums up our adventure games Xbox one list. If you are looking for another Xbox Games list, check out The 10 Best RPG Games Xbox One Players Should Play.

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