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Pro Gymnast for PC Makes Gymnastics Fun Again


By definition, Gymnastics pertains to a sport comprising various physical exercises that require balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and concentration. A gymnast needs to endure rigorous training and must have a fit physique to meet the requirements of the sport. In other words, Gymnastics is not for everyone. Or is it?

From Walaber Entertainment LLC’s creative minds comes Pro Gymnast, a physics-based game that promises you to become a professional gymnast without the risk and hours of punishing training. Before we jump into the game’s specifics, it is only fair to mention that a physics-based game requires more than just button mashing.

A physics-based game like Pro Gymnast requires harmonious coordination between your senses. With that said, let’s take a quick overview of what makes this recently launched game as exciting as it is challenging.


Pro Gymnast


Pro Gymnast: Lifelike Physics

One of the main features that make Pro Gymnast fun and challenging is the lifelike physics integrated within its core structure. If you are new to the physics-based game category, getting used to this type of mechanics will be challenging. However, if you have tried physics games before, think of Pro Gymnast as an upgrade. Beyond the challenges lies the fluid ragdoll animation that results in a hilarious epic fails.

Gymnastics, Parkour, and Ninja Obstacle Courses

One of the main selling points of Pro Gymnast is the brilliant combination of obstacle courses. Despite having the word “gymnast” on the title, the game also features obstacle courses for parkour including those commonly seen in Ninja challenges on TV. Altogether, this makes Pro Gymnast an all-in-one game packed with all the elements a physics game fan could ask for.

Avatar Customization and Level Editor

Pro Gymnast features an in-depth character/avatar customization similar to those in AAA RPG titles. Players will be able to create their likeness by exploiting the detailed body parameters option that adjusts the arm width down to the gluteus’s size and width (buttocks).

Players also can customize the head/hair along with the detailed face parameters that exploit every feature of the character’s face. Also, are the usual customization options that focus on the clothing and equipment of the character. Pro Gymnast also has its level editor to create your challenging course and share it with your friends.


Pro Gymnast Game Tutorial


In-Depth Tutorials

Pro Gymnastics despite the hilarious and comical trailer is not an easy game to master, especially for first-time players. This part is where the game’s in-depth tutorial system comes into play to fast track your mastery of the game.

Pro Gymnast: The Evolution of Gymnastics

Pro Gymnast, for the most part, takes the physics-based game to the next level. Walaber Entertainment LLC did an excellent job choosing the best elements of obstacle-based games and combining those with the hilarious ragdoll mechanics of physics-based games. This brilliant combination results in a unique game that could make you a skilled physics-based video game expert. Or just a happy camper enjoying some of the most hilarious fails and falls in gaming.

In a nutshell, Pro gymnast offers a fun-filled challenge that will keep you busy for hours. Nevertheless, if you do not have the patience for trial-and-error games that makes failure a norm, this game is not for you. Otherwise, this game is highly recommended for those who are looking for a new type of challenge.