Phasmophobia and Four of Steam’s Early Access Games


Steam’s Early Access since its inception in 2013 has produced some of the most sought out titles in PC gaming. Before Valve introduced the program, indie video game developers would rely on the Kickstarter platform. All for them to jumpstart their projects and gain support from the video game community. Sadly, most of the Kickstarter games despite reaching their goals, roughly 14.89% of the projects make it within six months of their target launch.

However, Steam’s Early Access features a unique format that allows the players to become part of the game’s development. Players who paid for the game can voice their reactions and feedback to the game’s developers based on their experience in playing the game, unlike Kickstarter. It is only safe to say that the Steam Early Access program is a win for both players and developers.

Speaking of Early Access, Phasmophobia, a multiplayer ghost-hunting game, is slowly evolving to become one of the most anticipated horror genre titles. The game has become one of the most-played early-access titles in Halloween 2020.

As impressive as Phasmophobia’s performance, it is not the top title in the Top Sellers list of the early access program. If you are awed by Phasmophobia’s gameplay structure, you will like the four early access titles below.


Steam Valheim Game


Valheim – Iron Gate AB

Valheim features a vast procedurally generated world populated by mystical beings and wildlife that can accommodate up to 10 players via PVE co-op. In this game, players can summon legendary/mythical beings, craft new items, and collect trophies. Additionally, they can also construct various types of ships used for exploration. On top of that is the flexible house/base building system, intuitive item crafting, and much more. Check out this game on early access if you are into open-world games and Viking culture.


Steam Tale of Immortal


Tale of Immortal – Lightning Games

Tale of Immortal is an action-adventure RPG-simulation game based on Chinese mythology. The game revolves around ancient myths and stories that come with interactive options with scenes and NPCs. One of this game’s unique features is that the player’s action will play an essential role in shaping the storyline and transforming the in-game world based on the outcome. Players will journey from being a mere mortal to a god-like being. Check out this game if you want to venture into the world of Chinese Mythology.


Steam Dysmo Sphere


Dyson Sphere Program – Youthcat Studio

Dyson Sphere Program is an open-world space simulation game that allows players to build an intergalactic factory. Players take the role of a space engineer tasked to construct a Dyson Sphere. The game gives the player the freedom to design and construct their production line, research new technologies, gather resources, explore the vast galaxy, and much more. Check out this game if you are into world-building and exploration.


Steam Black Matter


Hell Let Loose – Black Matter Pty Ltd

Hell Let Loose is a WWII FPS multiplayer game that is slowly gaining popularity on Steam’s Early Access program. The game takes the players to some of the most iconic locations in history in 9 highly-detailed maps. The game features 50v50 battles, 14 roles, historically accurate weapons/vehicles, realistic ballistics, defense building, and much more. Check out this game if you like realistic hardcore competitive FPS battles.

For instance, Steam has evolved from 12 games to over 700 titles in development. The titles featured on the list above are the top 5 games on the best-seller lists. To that end, if you want to partake in the development of your game, then, check out the early access of Steam list today.