Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

New Pokémon Game Announcement Expected by Months End


A big surprise could be just around the corner for Pokémon fans! As the news of a new installment in the franchise spread like wildfire across social media and other forums. As per leaks and other sources, the next installment will be a remake of the 2006 DS Exclusive game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. For hardcore fans of the franchise, this news is not new.

It began in 2019 when Generation 4 products were being put into production. Besides are confirmations from prominent Pokémon news sites like Centro Pokémon. As per the news site, a reveal of the remake will occur this month. It is also slated for a November launch exclusively for the Switch.

Another high-profile personality who confirmed the alleged leaks about the re-release or the production of the Generation 4 merchandise was Paul Ryan. He owns Pokeshopper, one of the largest game merchandise databases on the planet. As per GFinity sports, Ryan already confirmed to the public the Generation 4 merchandise in December 2019.

For instance, it is always better to take these details with a grain of salt until The Pokémon Company makes an official announcement. Nevertheless, for those who are new to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, feel free to check out the detailed overview of the acclaimed DS game below.


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Version
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What is Pokémon Diamond and Pearl?

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is the first entry out of five Generation 4 titles developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. For the most part, the game comes packed with new elements and features, taking full advantage of the new handheld power. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sold more units compared to its predecessors after selling more than 18 million copies. This impressive feat made the new game versions one of the most successful installments of all time. The game’s success is mostly the result of the new elements and features introduced in the game.

New Features Introduced in the Game

The first and highly acclaimed feature introduced in the game is internet play through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. This new feature overhauled the battle elements of the contests in the game. Another is the re-integration of day and night cycle! It features a five-time period like the three-time period of Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Pokemon Pearl Version
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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl also introduced new gameplay mechanics specifically to categorize moves or attacks, reducing its predecessors’ intricate mechanics. Attacks that make physical contact with the opponent are “physical.” Attacks that do not make physical contact are “special.” And moves that do not deal damage fall under “status.” The game also introduced The Pokétch that serves as a smartwatch that houses various applications.

Why Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake?

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will serve as the foundation of the Next Generation of Pokémon titles. Well, for the most part, that what makes it more exciting! Like the DS version, the upcoming unconfirmed Nintendo Switch version will most likely become the bearer of new elements and features for the next generation of this games.

There is a huge possibility that the remake (once confirmed) will become the model of what future Pokémon. To that end, leaks or no leaks, the next installment in the game franchise will be huge in new elements! and features fans of the franchise will love. Of course, not to mention all the new feature in the game.