Remnant: From the Ashes – A Gameplay Review


When it comes to survival games, the design usually revolves around a lone player scouring the map for supplies. Meanwhile, shooter games are often made to have frenetic pacing and have players team up against enemies to exude adrenaline-fueled stages. How can these two seemingly diametrically opposite themes manage to coexist in one game? Look no further than Remnant: From the Ashes! Gunfire Games has made a fine balance between harrowing survival elements and action-packed shooter that gives players a sense of dread and intense action. Let’s take a closer look at what this game can offer.


Gloom, Doom, and Kaboom

Storywise, Remnant: From the Ashes is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is beset by monsters called The Root. These monsters have effectively whittled down humanity to almost nothing. You play as the unnamed protagonist who sets out to figure out where The Root came from and if there is any way to stop them from destroying human civilization.

From the onset, the story beats look familiar, but as you progress through the game, you find out that The Root came to Earth from a different dimension via portals, and you happen to stumble into one of these portals. Upon entering, you are sent into a different world where your quest of finding out The Root’s secrets continues.




The clever mix of survival horror and sci-fi elements makes playing the game an immersive one. If you’re playing alone, the drab and derelict cities and destroyed buildings set a foreboding tone that if you make the wrong move, you could die soon since The Root are patrolling and lurking everywhere. Thankfully, you have your trusty guns and melee weapon should you choose to go at it alone. Whenever you venture out, you need to get to the end of the map and rest at checkpoints.


Lock and Load, Team!

Playing Remnant is hard especially when you’re alone since you always have to save your bullets until you reach checkpoints. These are lifesavers since they restore your refillable health items, as well as your ammunition.

Oftentimes in single player, you will see yourself avoiding shootouts or timing during fights to arrive at the next area faster. Boss enemies come in a wide variety and can overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Depending on how well you conserve your ammo and figure out the enemy’s weaknesses, you can either claim victory or die and try again after running out of bullets and health items.




The fun ramps up once you get to team up with two other players. A three-person squad gives an excellent dynamic when going through maps. You can now be more loose when shooting at enemies since you have back up. This makes the game easy compared to playing it alone, but Remnant is designed to scale enemies depending on your team’s collective levels. Taking down bosses is also extremely satisfying since having three players evens out the battlefield, but do note that the bosses are no pushovers. They can still obliterate your team if you are not careful.


Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes

Speaking of weapons, Remnant lets you choose from three different classes: the Ex-Cultist, the Scrapper, and the Hunter. Each of these classes has their respective strengths and weaknesses.

For example, the Scrapper has a higher HP among the three and is strong at melee and close combat. The Hunter is more versatile and deadly when shooting at enemies from a distance. It is also remarkable at spotting enemies. Meanwhile the Ex-Cultist takes on a supportive role that heals and buffs himself and his teammates.

Moreover, Remnant’s character leveling system is based on how high your equipment levels are. The higher your equipment rank is, the higher the enemies will scale to keep things competitive. It is also worth noting that you can use the other classes’ weapons and armor once you have the currency to buy them from the workshop. This makes gameplay even more dynamic since you can switch weapons and finalize your loadout with teammates before heading out.


World-Hopping Goodness

One of the best features Remnant has is its excellent map designs. Once you progress through the game and begin to hop between worlds, you might notice that the previous areas you’ve visited look familiar, but the layout and enemies have changed. This is because the maps in Remnant are procedurally generated, making succeeding playthroughs an entirely new experience since you will encounter different enemies, bosses, and item drops. This is more evident when your teammate hosts a game and you join them.




Remnant has four enormous worlds to explore. These locations range from abandoned city ruins, harsh desert-scapes, dangerous swamplands, and futuristic citadels. Each world has different bosses that drop rare equipment. This ranges from conventional firearms to otherworldly weaponry like laser guns and repulsor blasters. You can also get rare traits that can further customize your character.

These elements make Remnant such an excellent game. The dynamic worlds and survival-shooter aspects make various playthroughs fresh and highly engaging. If you and your friends feel like playing a game that challenges your coordination, pick up Remnant: From the Ashes now!