Palm Grip or Claw Grip: Which is the Best for Gaming?

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PC gamers know that a mouse is a crucial tool in gaming because it affects how you play the game. For example, if you are playing a shooting game, you can use the mouse for aiming and shooting. Consequently, the way you grip your mouse also affects the way you play the game.

Some people think that only the mouse’s shape, size, and weight are the things that matter when it comes to playing the game. But mouse gripping is also one aspect that every gamer should pay attention to as it helps in playing PC games better.

Currently, there are three mouse handling techniques:

  • The palm (the most popular)
  • The claw (the slowly rising technique)
  • The tip grip (the most extreme handling technique)

For now, we will only talk about the palm and the claw techniques since they are the most commonly used styles of mouse grips. Know more about these two and find out which type of grip suits your gaming style.


The Right Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse Depends on You

Now, it might be new knowledge to you that there are three types of mouse handling since the most commonly used technique is the palm grip. Although choosing a type of grip depends on your preference, you should be knowledgeable about these types of grips as each of them offers a unique advantage when playing.

Regardless of which type of mouse grip should you choose, the best way of handling a mouse is by making sure that your hands are comfortable. Avoid straining it by taking a 10 to 15-minute break every hour if you can. Do a little hand stretch to keep the blood flowing and grip the mouse gently.




The Palm Grip Technique – The Most Common Mouse Gripping Technique

Most gamers are commonly using the palm mouse handling technique. It is because ever since we knew how to operate a computer, the mouse is held by the palm. It’s the most comfortable grip type. With your thumbs gently resting on the side, your palms resting on the “body” of the mouse, and your little pinky finger resting on the other side, you are already doing the palm grip technique. Overall, the majority of the work is done by your arm and not by your fingers. Moreover, this type of grip is ideal for large and gliding motions.

In the palm grip technique, your hands must be relaxed, cupping the mouse gently. Furthermore, it’s great for low sensitivity gaming because you can control the mouse better. Of course, like many other things, the palm grip has its pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Ideal for low tension gaming
  • More on elbow and shoulder aiming
  • Great for tracking games

The Cons:

  • Challenging when it comes to rapid clicking
  • Repetitive movements cause arm and shoulder strain
  • Difficult when making small adjustments or moves in the game




The Claw Grip – The Increasingly Popular Mouse Gripping Technique

The second grip technique is the claw mouse handling technique. It’s an increasingly popular technique, especially for PC gamers who play shooting games. Moreover, this technique is also best for games that require rapid clicking. Like the palm grip, the palm rests on the “body” of the mouse with the thumb and pinky finger resting on the sides. The only difference is that your middle and index fingers are arching on the mouse buttons instead of resting. Thus, reducing the two main fingers’ overall contact on the mouse and only the tips are touching.

The claw grip allows the middle and index finger to be more responsive, but still gives a little pressure and holds on the mouse for more refined tracking movements. It also readies the two main fingers to react quickly for more precise action. In addition, it gives the gamer more control when moving back and forth across the PC screen.

The Pros:

  • Suitable for rapid clicking (shooting games)
  • Great arm aiming position
  • Better stability, better precision
  • Fast glide motion
  • Fit for micro-adjustments/movements

The Cons:

  • More speed but accuracy is compromised
  • It causes strain to arched fingers
  • High tension

What is The Best Way to Handle a Mouse?

As most people believe, the best way to hold a mouse depends on its use. That is true for the most part because your convenience and comfort are important. As long as it can effectively give your game an extra boost, that’s fine.

Even now, regardless of the different mouse handling techniques mentioned in this article, you should always put your comfort first. Otherwise, you will be sacrificing your gaming experience just because you want to make sure that you are adhering to these techniques.

In reality, one mouse gripping technique might be better for a particular game and not for another game. Knowing and practicing these techniques might help you in the future, so these are just extra knowledge that will let you explore more possibilities while playing. The most crucial part is that you are the boss of your gaming experience.