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FPS Games – 4 Tips That Can Help You Get A Better Tracking Aim


One of the most exciting and action-packed competitive multiplayer games is first-person shooting games or FPS games. But it can also be frustrating to play for first-time players. Aiming will be your biggest issue here since it won’t be easy to do, especially for beginners. You’ll be trying to shoot a moving target, which means it will be harder to shoot.

Tracking aim, in particular, will be very difficult for beginners to do. So, how to get better at tracking aim in FPS games? Fortunately, there are many ways to do that and that’s what we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll provide helpful tips that can improve your tracking aim, thus making you a better player at FPS games.

What is Tracking Aim?

Before we got to the tips, let’s first talk about what tracking aim is. Tracking aim is a skill in FPS games where you lock on a target and then try to track them with your crosshair. This is not easy to do since you need to be quick and be able to predict their movements. This is a skill that’s needed if it will take multiple shots to kill an enemy.

Some examples of games that will require this skill are Call of Duty, Halo, Overwatch, and PUBG. Killing enemies in these games requires more than one shot. You’ll need the tracking aim skill to allow you to kill enemies quickly, which helps in dealing with multiple enemies. Let’s now provide some tips on how to be better at tracking aim.

4 Tips to Improve Tracking Aim

Tracking aim is an important skill to have in any FPS game you’re playing. In this section, we’ll provide some tips to help improve this skill and make you a better FPS gamer.

Identify What The Problem Is

The first thing that you need to do is to identify what your problem is. This is an important step before doing anything else because it will help you understand better what you need to work on. Is your issue with your aim itself? Or maybe you have problems predicting your opponent’s movements? It could also be a problem with your settings or your hardware.

This is why identifying what your issue is should come first. In this way, you will know what you need to address and work on that. It will save you more time and effort to identify what’s wrong first, than just blindly trying to improve.

Adjust Your Game’s Settings

One of the things you can do to help improve your tracking aim is to adjust your settings. Particularly, the sensitivity of your mouse or camera rotation if you’re playing on a mobile device. There’s no correct sensitivity that you’ll need on your setting. It will all depend on your preference.

Adjusting mouse setting in Call of Duty Warzone
Image Source: Call of Duty Warzone

When you say sensitivity it’s just how fast your point of view will rotate when you move your mouse or swipe your fingers. A high sensitivity means your point of view will rotate quickly with just a short swipe or movement.

Low sensitivity means you’ll need longer movements or swipes to rotate your point of view. The best sensitivity will depend on your preference. So, you’ll likely have to experiment here and see what feels comfortable for you.

Get Better Hardware (for PC gamers)

Another thing that you can do (if you’re a PC gamer) is to get better hardware. This means getting a better mouse and/or monitor to help you play better. Take note that a mouse that’s designed for gaming will always be better than a regular mouse. As for the monitor, you’ll have a better gaming experience if you get a bigger and sharper monitor compared to a regular one.

When getting a mouse, pick one that will be comfortable for you to hold. Comfort will always be an important factor since your gaming performance will be affected if you’re not comfortable with the mouse you’re holding. It’s also advisable to get a wired mouse instead of a wireless one.

Though the improvements made in wireless mouse is great, a wired mouse is just more stable to use. You don’t have to worry about your mouse’s connection to the Bluetooth being shaky or the batteries suddenly running out during the heat of battle.

Practice Regularly

And lastly, you’ll have to practice. It doesn’t matter how much you adjust your settings or get better hardware you will still need to practice to get better. Many of these FPS games provide practice modes where you can improve your skills, especially tracking aim. There are also other software or mini-games you can download that are designed solely to help FPS gamers improve their shooting skills.

Call of Duty Warzone gameplay
Image Source: Call of Duty Warzone

Aside from the practice modes, playing the actual game and battling other players will help you improve. Just make sure you’re practicing the right things. If your aim is the one that needs improving, then make sure you concentrate on that. If you need more game sense, then make sure to study your opponent’s movements more.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun to play FPS games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Overwatch, and more. But not doing well in these games can be very frustrating. This is why you’ll need to improve yourself to become a better player. And one way to do that is to get better at tracking aim. The tips provided in this article will certainly help you in improving your tracking aim and becoming a better FPS gamer.

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