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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Slay Black Dragon Fatalis


Fatalis is one of the Elder Dragons that players can hunt in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. It has the traditional Black Dragon look—a long, serpent-like neck and body, humongous and muscular wings, a body covered in hard scales, and formidable spikes running through its back. Its head is adorned with four horns pointed backwards, fin-like ears, and its mouth has rows of sharp teeth.

General Tips for Taking Out Fatalis in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Taking out this Elder Dragon is no walk in the park, and Fatalis has made quick work of any gungho hunter foolish enough to underestimate its sheer power. That said, it can be done, but you will need the right strategy to pull it off. If you are one of those daring hunters, here are some useful tips and tricks to help you take down this formidable Black Elder Dragon.


Monster Hunter World Fatalis Black Dragon


Fatalis Attacks

Fatalis’ main attack is its flame breath, which can spew like a flamethrower or blast at its targets for immense damage. Its flames are so intense that they can melt iron and rock with relative ease. Here are its go-to attacks that you have to watch out for:

  1. Flamethrower – Whenever it’s on all fours, it will unleash a steady stream of fire that spews in a cone from its mouth. Once you see Fatalis rear its head, try to get on its sides and carefully hit its head while it’s spewing flames.
  2. Flame Blast – Fatalis will duck its head towards its belly and, after a quick charge, will shoot a fireball that will hit the ground. A few seconds after, the fireball will explode and deal massive damage. Once it ducks its head, try to get away from it as fast as you can and wait for the fireballs to explode before heading back to hit Fatalis again.
  3. Flame Belly Burst – Fatalis will have its belly glow red and will spew molten lava near where it is standing. Then, it will lunge forward. If you are hit with this attack, you will get stuck in its chest, and Fatalis will then pry you off with its mouth and slam you into the ground for massive damage. This attack can be interrupted with a well-timed Dragon Pod.
  4. Flying Flame Breath – Once you have dealt enough damage on Fatalis, it will fly at the end of the stage and will bellow the map with a carpet of fire. During this time, you will have to look for cover to avoid getting burned to a crisp.

Use Dragon Pods

Throughout the fight, you can use Dragon Pods to make Fatalis flinch. This is extremely useful since tossing Dragon Pods will interrupt Fatalis’ attacks and leave it open for some chunky hits. This is especially handy when it is hovering on the battlefield as it will be shot down and again be vulnerable to focused attacks.

Utilize & Time Your Flinch Shots

Flinch Shots are important here since they can deal good damage on Fatalis and allow you and your team to carve out its huge health pool. Make sure to use Flinch Shots when Fatalis is on all fours and is about to wind up for its flamethrower attack since its head is an open target at the sides if you are positioned correctly. Moreover, time your Flinch Shots in between Dragon Pod throws so that you can interrupt Fatalis’ attacks accordingly.


Monster Hunter World Fatalis Attack


Phase I

This is the first phase on how you should kill Fatalis in Monster Hunter World Iceborne:

Cannons & Roaming Ballista

If you are running a four-person team, designate one of your teammates to man the cannons and roaming ballistas around the map. Instruct these players to load up the artillery while the others distract and begin whacking Fatalis.

Once you load the cannons and ballista, lure Fatalis near the walls and have the artillery hunter shoot at it to take a good chunk of its health. Make sure each of the cannons or ballista shots hit Fatalis since they will take a long time for its ammo to respawn and reload. Also, focus on hitting its head to increase your chance of a head break for some Fatalis materials.

Do this enough times, and eventually, Fatalis will fly away from the map and use its flying flame breath attack to signal Phase 2 of the fight. Then, hide behind the iron door with a fabric or flag draped down on it to avoid getting hit by Fatalis’ flame attack. Survive this, and it is on to Phase 2.

Phase II

Now, here’s what you should do on phase 2 of the attack:

Grounding Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

Fatalis will begin Phase 2, hovering above the battlefield. Use your Dragon Pods or Flinch Attacks to wrestle it to the ground. You can also use the ballistas to shoot it down. Have your Heavy Artillery person load up the cannons and ballistas. Once you have grounded Fatalis, shoot at it with the ballistas or lure it towards the cannons again to chunk out even more of its health away. If you have been focusing on its head, Phase 2 should see you have a head break.

After dealing enough damage, Fatalis will fly to the sky again. Head towards the Iron Gate located at the higher area at the back of the stage. Wait for Fatalis to spew its fire breath and use the lever to block it. This will melt the Iron Gate, but it will keep you and your party safe and onto Phase 3. During this time, check if you need to sharpen your weapons or heal up.


Monster Hunter World Grounding Fatalis


Phase III

Phase 3 is similar to Phase 2, with the exception that Fatalis will use its flying fire breath attack during this encounter. Given that there are no more iron doors or iron gates to shield your party from the flames, once you see it fly high, run towards Fatalis until you are under its body.

Depending on how much damage you have inflicted on it, you might have a bit more flying fire breath bits. But the name of the game in this stage is to damage it as often as possible. So, have your Heavy Artillery person load the cannons and ballistas. Once you have loaded the weapons, lure Fatalis near the walls and stagger it so that the cannons and ballistas will have clean shots at the Elder Dragon.

Dragonator Usage

One way to hit the Dragonator more effectively is to have your team try to inflict the Sleep status on Fatalis as near to the Dragonator as possible. Doing this correctly will deal massive damage to Fatalis. It will take around 17k alongside the normal 8k damage if you manage to hit Fatalis with both Dragonator spikes.

After inflicting enough damage, Fatalis will then fly up and begin spewing its fire breath attack again. However, since there are no more doors to hide behind, you will have to run as fast as you can until you get under Fatalis to avoid getting hit. If you or one of your teammates manages to get to safety, this is a good time for using Life Powder to restore HP for your party. Repeat the damage cycle and dodge its attacks, and, eventually, Fatalis will fall.

And these are some helpful tips and tricks you can use to smite down Fatalis, the Black Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Once you have bested this awesome monster, remember to carve out and collect all the Fatalis materials so that you can craft its armor set and show it off to your fellow hunters!