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Dragon’s Dogma, ever since the original game was released in 2012, has been quite a cult classic. Despite gaining popularity since its induction and having a modern revamp, Dragon’s Dogma did not quite grab mainstream appeal. Hence, it mostly faded into obscurity. But does this lack of mainstream appeal mean that the game is bad? Find out by reading our Dragon’s Dogma tips and review. But honestly, it is an excellent albeit tricky vast open-world role-playing game.

Dragon’s Dogma has a lot in store for gamers who want unique mechanics and gaming experiences. As a matter of fact, only a couple of RPGs are doing what Dragon’s Dogma does. To date, there is not a game that has managed to replicate its formula to the core. With all these said, Dragon’s Dogma serves gamers a unique treat. However, the game finds it trapped between explicitly showcasing its uniqueness instead of hiding it. Mastering the game from the get-go is quite a feat. But it is not something anyone can achieve immediately. So we have created our Dragon’s Dogma tips for beginners and pros alike.

Save Your Progress Frequently

First in our Dragon’s Dogma tips is to save your progress often. Just like Elden Ring, this RPG has dangers lurking in every corner. There is no knowing when your party will be caught in any circumstance. For sure, mishaps will happen, so before regretting everything and losing your progress, press the save button. Note that saving overwrites your current one since only one slot is available.

Give Importance to Your Pawn

After the announcement of Dragon’s Dogma 2, several players started playing the original game again. Note that this is a party-type adventure game where you will create a main pawn and hire extras to party with. Take pawn creation seriously and make sure they are equipped with skills that help control the battle’s ebb. Equipping pawns with crowd controls and enchanting abilities is beneficial. Have two of your pawns learn the Anodyne and High Anodyne skills, as these are healing spells essential for survivability.

You also have to visit pawn stones often to ensure that you and your pawns do not have a wide level gap. Consequently, you can choose level-appropriate pawns to accompany you on your journey. Wandering pawns are scattered anywhere in Gransys; favorite them so you can easily find them should you need to.

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Prevent Night Travels Unless Needed

Another important newbie Dragon’s Dogma tip is to avoid traveling at night unless highly needed. As aforementioned, Dragon’s Dogma is similar to Elden Ring’s annoying enemies in that they always lurk anywhere. If night travel is inevitable, be sure to rest well before setting out on your expedition. Bring plenty of curatives for those instances when you are caught unaware by enemies.

Manage Your Bag’s Weight

Everything your character carries contributes to your weight. Never go on an expedition outside the city gates if your weight is above “Average”. Carefully plan how much you will carry since you will pick up curatives and other items to improve your equipment along the way. Pro Dragon’s Dogma tip, offload items with any innkeeper every time you return to town. Combine your curatives and just buy your essentials. Upgrading items at the blacksmith automatically withdraws the materials from your innkeeper’s storage.

Explore Nooks & Crannies

Gransys is not as vast a world as other modern titles; however, Capcom packed the game with places to discover. Explore caves, waterfalls, rooftops, and unusual places that look like they do not fit the mold. When exploring, carry Ferrystones so you can travel quickly by teleporting your party back to Gran Soren. While these stones are for one-time use, the Eternal Ferrystone teleports you endlessly.

Every Monster Has Its Weak Spot

Bosses with multiple health bars and low-level monsters all have a weakness. Target the weak spot to knock down enemies for 10 seconds. This gives your party an opening to deal more damage and kill them off quickly. Of course, this varies for each species, so try experimenting until you get the gist of things. Our Dragon’s Dogma tip for this is to utilize the climbing feature to find weak spots on the bosses you encounter.

Earn In-game Money with Notice Boards

Grinding for gold by killing monsters outside the city gates is one way to earn. But if you are looking for more in-game gold, then you should check the notice boards. After acquiring a decent armor and weapon, grab every possible quest on the board every time. Fret not; these board quests have no time limit but will pay more gold than any other quests in-game.

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This ends our Dragon’s Dogma tips and tricks guide for beginners. Be sure to stay updated with the latest updates about the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2. Check PlayPC from time to time to know any game updates that are out and will be out in the market anytime.

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