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Pou Guide: Get the Tidbits to Levelling Up Quick!


We, humans, eat food daily. We eat food to nourish and to energize our bodies and to supercharge our cells. We couldn’t even last for a month or so without eating food. Once we eat food less, we’ll be malnourished and be prone to diseases that will end our lives. That’s why food is very important to be taken every day.

Just like humans, virtual pets also need food to eat. Although we won’t be preparing meals for them in real life, we buy them and prepare for them virtually instead. When we feed our virtual pets with food, like humans, will also be nourished, energized, and happy. One of the virtual pets that we need to feed is Pou.

This cute alien pet needs their master’s love and care, just like we take care of our pet dogs and cats. Even though they exist virtually, we need to tend to their needs like feeding, bathing, clothing, etc. These needs are vital to their growth. Thus, if you have an alien virtual pet, you need to be a mom to them.


pou how to level guide


How can you level up fast in Pou?

Since we’re already talking about this alien virtual pet’s needs, let’s talk about leveling up fast in the game. You might be asking the relation between attending the needs of your alien pet and leveling up. Well, the answer is in the second paragraph – and that’s feeding Pou. Feeding it daily and attending its needs regularly do earn you XPs. But the amount of XPs that you’ll get doesn’t help you in leveling up fast.

So what should be the best trick to leveling up by feeding? Well, aside from feeding it regularly. You need to feed it A LOT.

Now there are times when Pou resists food, especially when it becomes too fat already or when it doesn’t want to eat a certain food at all. So the challenge is, how will you force it to eat the food? The key here is to use a fat-burning potion and the hungry potion. That’s what most gamers do when they want to level up fast. And it works like a charm!

In just a day or two of feeding, taking the hungry potion, and repeating the process over and over will help you in leveling up quickly. You might even get to level 15 or 20 in just about a day of repeating the process.

Whenever you ran out of coins to buy for the potions or for the food, you can play the mini-games. There are lots of exciting games that you can play (and will definitely not bore you).


pou how to level food


Will Pou’s health be okay?

Knowing how hectic the process is, you might wonder how that may affect your alien pet’s health. If you put that in reality, the process really is impossible to be done to a pet nor is it a good thing to do. Once you overfeed your pet, there are higher chances that they’ll be obese, which pose a higher threat to their health.

However, for a virtual alien pet, the process really is tolerable for them, especially for Pou. Unlike the Tamagotchi where your virtual pet dies, this brown alien pet won’t. Even if you forgot to feed them or if they’ve been sick for months, and yet you haven’t attended their needs, they still won’t die. And that’s what’s great about playing this fun alien pet.


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Final thoughts

If you think you’re not okay with doing the overfeed, potion, and repeat the process on your virtual alien pet just because it’s too rough, there are still plenty of ways to level up in Pou. You can play each of the fun mini games, bathe it when it’s dirty, cloth it, water the flowers in your virtual garden, and more. Though it may take a long time for you to level up high, this will still keep your conscience clean from abusing your alien pet.

So the choice is up to you – level up fast while abusing your Pou or level up slow and care for them as if they’re your real pet. You decide!

Have fun playing Pou today!