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Pou The Highly Interactive Virtual Pet Game


Ever heard of Tamagotchi? Well, if you’re a fan of this virtual pet game during the 1990s, then you might be more than happy to play this fun and more interactive game. Unlike Tamagotchi, you don’t get to have him on a small egg-shaped computer. You don’t even get to have him on an analog type of graphics. Instead, you get to have them on your phone in digital and highly-colorful graphics with Pou.


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What is This Virtual Alien Pet Game?

Thanks to the 24-year-old Lebanese developer Paul Salameh, Pou is created. This casual digital alien pet game is one of the most popular games to play by all ages. You get to take care of your alien pet as if you have a pet in real life. You feed them, bathe them, clothe them, and even play games with them.

Just like the Tamagotchi phenomenon back in the 1990s, this game has become viral since 2013 onwards. It even topped the gaming charts in many countries like Spain, Germany, Denmark, etc. Because of its highly interactive and addictive features, both kids and adults of all ages love to play the game.

Although the gameplay may be similar to Tamagotchi, the Pou game brings much more interactive features to players. What makes it different? Well, ­you get to customize your Pou, socialize with other Pous, and best of all, your virtual alien pet will not die.

See how fun this game is by downloading the Pou free game! Even the game developer, Salameh, does not approve that his game is dubbed by fans as “Tamagotchi 2.0”. According to him, Tamagotchi has a different concept and have different kinds of creatures to use. And that is true as Pou is only a triangular alien pet.


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How was Pou created?

Ever since Tamagotchi was created in 1996, a lot of virtual pets have been on the rise together with technology. Right after Bandai’s Tamagotchi came Digimon and Tiger Giga Pets in 1997, Nintendo’s Pikachu in 1998, then Nintendo’s Nintendogs in 2005, which can be played in Nintendo DS.

All these virtual pet games are loved by most kids of their time. However, with the advent of the Internet and technology, these games have fallen short of its popularity already.
But the virtual pet genre doesn’t there…

With the onset of Internet usage in 2012, Pou, a virtual alien pet game, was released. Surprisingly, just after a year of its release, it was already a hit to many players. That has caught the surprise of many gaming fans and developers, even to Salameh himself.

Three years before Pou was created, a friend of Salameh suggested to him that he should create Pou as a pet app. But after he attended a game development conference at Lebanese incubator Berytech, he seized the opportunity to create it as a pet game. So he, then, started conceptualizing and making it as soon as his full-time job contract has ended.


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Get to Know the Inspiration behind Pou

According to Salameh, the game is actually based on himself. His friends called him Pou and he does what Pou does, and that’s eating, sleeping, breathing, and repeat. What’s more, the sounds that you hear from this game is actually the voice recordings of Salameh himself.

Despite being created years back, the game is still much played by a lot of kids and adults today. Other than the highly engaging and comedic gameplay, there’s also one thing that Salameh said that makes people love playing the game — people can relate to Pou. And that is one feature that definitely makes any game playable to all.

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