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Piano Tiles 2 An Interactive, Piano-Playing Game Review


Piano Tiles 2, the sequel to the game Don’t Tap the White Tiles, is one of the most played games ever since it was released back in 2015. Despite the game’s simplicity, there are over a thousand players who are addicted to playing this game. And until now, more and more players are still enjoying it, giving them the best piano-playing sensation.


What is Piano Tiles 2?

Developed by Chinese developer Cheetah Mobile, this PC game is very easy to play. In just minutes, you can easily understand how to play the game. All you need to do is to click the black tiles that go up into the screen vertically. And as you click on the black tiles, a certain note to a song will be produced, similar to that of the piano. However, the challenge here is how fast you can keep up with the speed of the tiles.

This PC game can be played in 3 different modes or tabs. It has the “Classic” tab, the “Speed” tab, and the “Gameplay” tab. And in each tab, there are different challenges for you to choose from.


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What Popular Songs to Expect in Piano Tiles 2?

Most of the songs you can expect in Piano Tiles 2 are classical and folk music. Mostly, they’re songs from famous classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Antonio Vivaldi, and more. You also get to hear folk songs from different countries in the US, China, Italy, and more.
Roughly, there are over 410 songs in Piano Tiles 2 PC. However, you can’t get to play all of them at once. You can only play with them every time you unlock each level of the game.
Now, out of all the songs in this PC game, there are lots of popular songs that you will encounter along with the game. Here are some of the popular classic songs:

• Jingle Bells – James Lord Pierpont
• River Flows In You – Yiruma
• Fur Elise – Beethoven
• Symphony No. 4 in G – Mozart
• The Flight of the Bumblebee – Rimsky-Korsakov

And for the popular folk songs, be sure to listen to these songs:

• Little Star – English Folk Music
• Happy New Year – English Folk Music
• Happy Birthday – English Folk Music
• Bella Ciao – Italian Folk Music
• Ten Little Indians – American Folk Music


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Tips to Play the Piano Tiles 2 Faster and Better

You may be wondering how users on the leaderboard top the game. Well, the truth is, some users are only using hacks. In other words, they are not real.
Even so, the purpose of this game is to have fun – not to beat the scores on the leaderboard. So it’s best to enjoy it as you play the game.
But if you want to challenge yourself and see how fast you can click on the tiles, or better yet, unlock a certain level so you can play your favorite classical song, here are some tips:


1. Practice using the easy modes.

You need to play on the slow-paced modes first so you can practice your own rhythm. The recommended modes that you can start with are Classic and Zen. The more you practice on these modes, the more you can focus better on playing Arcade and Rush modes.


2. Master one level at a time

Before you get to play the challenging modes – Arcade, Rush, and Relay – you first have to master one mode at a time. Play it according to your pace. That way, if you manage to master other levels, you can focus better on playing the challenging modes.

Basically, the key to improving your speed while having fun in playing the Piano Tiles 2 Unblocked game is to practice and to keep on playing. That way, the more you practice harder, the more chances you have in aiming for a high score and in unlocking new songs.